ConnDOT: Intermodal and Enviromental Planning

Office of Intermodal and
Environmental Planning

Mr. Edgar T. Hurle
Director of Office of Intermodal and Environmental Planning
Phone: (860) 594-2005 

Division of Intermodal Planning

Prepares and evaluates highway location plans and layouts; conducts special highway feasibility studies and major investment studies; conducts transit planning studies and evaluates transit alternatives for inclusion in feasibility and environmental studies; administers the expansion and maintenance of the Department's commuter parking lot program; plans and coordinates port, rail freight and ferry studies; plans and coordinates the development of bicycle and pedestrian facilities; develops master plans for State-owned airports and conducts other aviation planning activities; processes requests by the public for the sale of excess State property.

Mr. Carmine P. Trotta
Transportation Assistant Planning Director of Intermodal Planning
Phone: (860) 594-2134

 Aviation Planning
David M. Head
Transportation Supervising Planner
Phone: 860-594-2149
 Transit Planning
Phone: 860-594-2134
 Location (Highway) Planning
James C. Morrin
Transportation Supervising Planner
Phone: 860-594-2147


Division of Environmental Planning

Responsible for the overall development and administration of policy on environmental issues (e.g. clean air, noise and water resources) affecting the Department's program and projects including environmental documents required by State and federal statutes and regulations, transportation air, noise, and historic /archaeological studies, permit applications for Department projects, and environmental oversight on construction projects.
Develops environmental and historic documents for transportation facilities; performs oversight of consultants and acts as historic and archaeological liaison.
Preparation and oversight of State and federal water resources permit applications for transportation facilities, water and natural resources studies; performs environmental surveillance of construction activities and acts as liaison with State and federal regulatory agencies.
Preparation of technical air studies, permit applications and noise studies as they relate to transportation facilities; acts as consultant liaison and coordinates with State and federal regulatory agencies.

Mrs. Cynthia S. Holden
Transportation Assistant Planning Director of Environmental Planning
Phone: (860) 594-2922
E-Mail Address:


Environmental/Historic Documents
Keith T. Hall
Transportation Supervising Planner
Phone: 860-594-2926

 Water Resources
Mark W. Alexander
Transportation  Supervising Planner
Phone: 860-594-2931
 Air & Noise
Stephen V. Delpapa
Transportation Supervising Planner
Phone: 860-594-2941
 Water Compliance
Paul N. Corrente
Transportation Supervising Planner
Phone: 860-594-2932



Division of Transportation Asset
Management/Performance Measures

Responsible for the development of Department-wide policies, principles and best practice methods for improving resource allocation and utilization decisions. Provides a key linkage between various Bureaus to ensure that decisions will be based on life-cycle cost analysis and data integration from several resources.   Will be working with existing Department units to compile an inventory, and analyze the condition of transportation assets, including but not limited to roadways, structures, ancillary roadside appurtenances, transit facilities, rails, ports, rest areas and commuter lots.  Develop trade off analyses between preservation, operations and capital expansion.  Establish Performance Measures and performance targets (benchmarks).

Ms. Colleen A. Kissane
Transportation Assistant Planning Director of Asset Management
Phone: (860) 594-2132

Asset Management Section
Donald A. Larsen
Transportation Supervising Engineer
Phone: 860-594-2165

Performance Measures Section
Transportation Supervising Planner