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The statewide long-range transportation (LRP) is the federally recognized transportation plan for the State of Connecticut. It is a federally mandated policy document that outlines strategies and actions for addressing transportation issues and needs in Connecticut. It is prepared pursuant to Section 450.214 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) which implements Section 135 of Title 23 of the United States Code. This plan, which is submitted to the Federal Highway Administration and the Federal Transit Administration, must cover a period of at least 20 years. The actions in the plan are general (as opposed to project-specific or region-specific) so that they can remain relevant over time, even if unanticipated changes occur. The statewide LRP serves as a framework for preparing future, more project-specific transportation plans such as the Department's Master Transportation Plan and the State Transportation Improvement Program.


The statewide LRP is updated every three to five years. When updating the LRP, the Department must follow a federally mandated transportation planning process that provides opportunities for specific stakeholders, as well as the public, to provide input into the development of the plan. The Department concluded its 45-day public review and comment period on the Draft 2009 LRP on April 30, 2009, and completed a Final 2009 LRP in June 2009.   The 2009 LRP updates the 2004 statewide LRP. The 2009 statewide LRP, titled Connecticut on the Move, Strategic Long-Range Transportation Plan, 2009 -2035, as well as information on the Department’s public outreach process for the 2009 LRP, is now available on this web site.     

2009 Long-Range Transportation Plan (2009 LRP)

Use the Hyperlinks below to view the Final 2009 LRP, the Draft 2009 LRP, the informational brochures on the Draft 2009 LRP, press releases, PowerPoint presentations and other information pertaining to the statewide 2009 LRP.


              •  Final 2009 Long-Range Transportation Plan (pdf 6.7 mb)

                  Transportation Plan (Requires Windows Media Player)

              •  Informational Brochure
                      o Letter – 8-1/2in x 11in (pdf 345 kb)
                      o Tabloid – 11in x 17in (pdf  212 kb)

              •  Press Releases (To be posted as issued)
                      o Press Release Issued March 11, 2009
                      o Press Release Issued April 14, 2009

              •  Public Informational Meeting Materials
                      o PowerPoint Slide Presentation on 2009 LRP (pdf 7.57 mb)
                      o Handouts

    2007 Listening Session Materials

2004 Long-Range Transportation Plan

(Final Plan)