ConnDOT: Bike and Pedestrian Safety Materials

Bike and Pedestrian Safety Materials

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{C:\Documents and Settings\RattanKD\My Documents\My Pictures\ShareTheRoadMaterials\ShareTheRoadStickers-web.JPG} Share the Road Stickers in blue or green are paper and not suitable for bumper stickers.
{\\SDCDBS60\GROUPS\Polplan\4502\Bicycle-Pedestrian\Safety Items and Promotion\images\PlentyOfRoadToSharePoster-web.JPG} {\\SDCDBS60\GROUPS\Polplan\4502\Bicycle-Pedestrian\Safety Items and Promotion\images\3FeetIsntJustACushionPoster-web.JPG} 11"x17" posters explaining the 3-foot law and where to find more information.

Tips: Motorists & Bicyclists - Share the Road

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This information brought to you by the Capitol Region Council of Governments. Tips on how to share the road.  Very Informative.

BIKE SAFELY! Laws to live by.

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Good information on how to Bike Safely.  Most common biking accidents and laws about bicycling.

Must I Buy a Bicycle Helmet for my Child?

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Great brochure for parents on the importance of helmets for children.  Produced by the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute, visit their website, BHSI.

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