ConnDOT: Bicycle and Pedestrian Dashboard

Bicycle and Pedestrian Dashboard
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Get ready - MAY is Bike Month!!!
Wednesday, May 7 is national Bike to School Day.
Friday, May 16 is national Bike to Work Day.
See below for more great information on Bike Month as well as safety tips.
It is not too early to start thinking Bike to School or Bike to Work.
Get your gear out this weekend for inspection.


See the Share the Road page for updated information.

Search Connecticut Laws on bicycle and pedestrian subjects, as well as any other law that may interest you.

To report an issue - visit the Bike Map website -, and fill out our reporting form.

Everyone is a Pedestrian!

Whenever you are not in your vehicle, you are a pedestrian! This NHTSA brochure offers
tips for both drivers and pedestrians to stay safe while sharing the road.

Bicycle Safety: Tips for Parents, Guardians, and Kids

Before riding, make sure you, your family, and the bicycles are ready to ride. Be a "Roll Model" for other adults and children. Check out this NHTSA tip sheet for great information on safe riding and rules of the road.

Hand Signals for Bicyclists
This NHTSA handout shows how to let other road users know that you intend to turn or stop.

NEW!!! Link to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA): Bicycle Safety (

NEW!!! Link to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA): Pedestrian Safety (


Bike Month Events/Info
You can join in this national movement with the Department and its partners.

Visit for Bike to Work events across the State.


Start a challenge in your office, print a poster to spark interest.

View some fun photos from last year's Bike to Work Day at the Department.


Check out the
Events Planned for
CT DOT Employees-


Ongoing Initiatives


Are you interested in commuting to work by bike?  Itís easier than you think!  Learn more about bike commuting at Bike Walk Connecticut

Mapping and Trails

To view the 2009 CT Bicycle Map online go to the Bike Map website -

Are you looking for
multi-use trails in Connecticut?

Connecticut Bicycle and
Pedestrian Board (CBPB)

Interested in bicycle and pedestrian issues? Visit the Connecticut Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board's website for meeting notices and announcements -

For CBPB meeting notices and agendas you can go to the CT Bicycle and Pedestrian Board page hosted by CTDOT.

Complete Streets Central

Visit our dedicated web page to Complete Streets, including the recently completed Complete Streets Report.

This report is proudly presented by our agency - it was prepared in-house by Department staff and provides a glimpse into some of the many related policies, projects and program undertakings.

Periodic "webletters" will be posted to the Complete Streets Central page to provide updates on progress in this arena. Link to

 For further information please:
E-Mail to: Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator
or write to:
Connecticut Department of Transportation
Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator
P.O. Box 317546
Newington, CT 06131-7546


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