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Our Mission

The mission of the Connecticut Department of Transportation is to provide a safe and efficient intermodal transportation network that improves the quality of life and promotes economic vitality for the State and the region.


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General Information
  » FY 2016 Town Aid Road Grants
Contact Information
» Connecticut Pilot Commission   » Media Contact
» Public Transportation Commission  
» Transportation Strategy Board
» Five Mile River Commission
» Bradley Board of Directors
» Governor’s Commission on the Reform of the Connecticut Department of Transportation
 Other Information
Connecticut General Statutes
» Claims Against ConnDOT » CHAPTER 248* (VEHICLE HIGHWAY USE)
» ConnDOT FAQ's
» CHAPTER 249*
» Connecticut Harbormasters & Deputy Harbormasters » TITLE 13a* (HIGHWAYS AND BRIDGES)
» Connecticut Harbor Management Association (CHMA)   » TITLE 13b* (TRANSPORTATION)
» Other Transportation Links

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