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Thank you for visiting the Connecticut Department of Transportation’s website.


We Want To Hear From You!


You are welcome to contact us by phone, email, or by utilizing our electronic “contact us” form.


By utilizing our electronic contact us form, you can quickly send us your questions, comments and concerns. Your comments will automatically be routed to the appropriate division and personnel within our agency. This is the most popular method for the public to send us their thoughts, and we appreciate any feedback, suggestions or criticisms, both positive and negative that you may have!


To reach us by phone, please use our listing of General Contact Phone Numbers. If you would like to call or email our staff directly, please visit the Employee Contact Information by Agency page and select "Transportation, Dept. of."


Have a comment, question or complaint about Metro-North service on the New Haven Line? Call (877) 690-5114 or visit the MTA Customer Support Team.


Thank you for visiting and thank you for your feedback from the Connecticut Department of Transportation's Customer Support Team!

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