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Connecticut Park and Ride Locations
As part of its efforts to reduce congestion, conserve fuel, and improve air quality, ConnDOT make available 185 site for commuters to park and continue thier trip to work express or local bus, carpools or vanpools. These lots are free to use for daily parking for trips to and from work. Overnight parking is permitted, however, long-term parking is not allowed.
By state statute, no commercial activity, including the sale or distribution of any goods or services, are allowed at Park & Ride facilities.  The parking of semi-truck, semi-trail, or other heavy equipment is prohibited.  For further information, contact ConnDOT at 860-594-2141.
{park and ride locations} Park and Ride Locations

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This interactive map only displays information for limited access highways with in the state of Connecticut for a complete listing please visit the text only section.
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