ConnDOT: 113-105-1A- Preston

Property Details


File No.:  113-105-1A

Address: Route 2/Ross Road

Town: Preston

Bid No.:

Bid Date:


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Lot Size:  1.92±AC

Zone: commercial

Frontage: 445’



Comments: Can only be sold to abutter

*The subject land is being offered for Sale or Lease. It is understood that all successful or accepted bids for the purchase of the subject State land are subject to the municipality's right of first refusal in accordance with Section 3-14b of the Connecticut General Statutes, as revised, and must be approved by the Commissioner of Transportation, Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management and the State Properties Review Board, in accordance with Section 13a-80 of the CT General Statutes, as revised.


If you have any questions please contact Christie LaBella at (860)594-2465 or by e-mail


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