ConnDOT: What is allowed to travel on the Merritt Parkway?

What is allowed to travel on the Merritt Parkway?

The following are prohibited from entry upon and use of the highway right-of-way of those limited access state highways designated as parkways:

(a) commercial motor vehicles;

(b) trailers;

(c) all towed vehicles except as provided in
Section 14-298-240;

(d) buses;

(e) hearses when part of a procession or cortege;

(f) vehicles bearing other than passenger, camper, taxicab, vanpool or hearse registrations and those vehicles bearing combination registrations which have a gross weight in excess of seventy-five hundred pounds;

(g) vehicles whose dimensions, including any load, exceed one of the following:

length twenty-four feet
width - seven feet, six inches
height eight feet

Permits for entry upon and use of the parkways by vehicles normally excluded therefrom may be issued by the commission when, in its opinion, the interests of public necessity are served thereby. Such permits shall be in writing and shall specify the period of validity of such permit, the parkway or portion thereof and the identity of the vehicle concerned. A copy of the permit shall be carried in the vehicle.   Apply for a permit

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