ConnDOT: Final Closeout Request Information


Final Closeout Request Information


Send Electronic requests for closeout to


The list below provides information that should be submitted with each audit request.  Bullets in BOLD apply to all requests and require information even if it is “N/A”.  Disregard any other bullet[s] that do not apply to your particular final closeout request.


  • Entity Name
  • Town Consultant Name
  • Sub-consultant Name[s]
  • DOT Project Number
  • Federal Aid Project Number
  • CORE Contract ID Number and Purchase Order Number[s]
  • Excel Spreadsheet/Summary of project billings
  • Documentation for any adjustments made during the billing process
  • Total payments to date including any payments in process
  • Copy of final invoice
  • Subconsultant Payment Log, and/or SBE/DBE information when there is a required goal to be achieved (including verification of payment to DBE/SBE)
  • Copy of State/Entity Agreement except for State/Consultant agreement(s) for which a listing of Agreement numbers is sufficient.  This Office will advise if copies of agreements needed.
  • Copies of all Prime/Sub-consultant agreement(s)
  • Copies of all pertinent correspondence including but not limited to extra work, direct costs, authorizations, change in scope, cost overrun approval, etc.
  • Copies of Pay-rate approval letters
  • Excel spreadsheet or summary of non-federal participating costs by invoice (i.e.: Project Manager on State consultant agreements)
  • Signed and dated calculation of the Credit Due State amount (item number, item description, quantity, unit price, total)
  • Copy of “Notice of Completion of Construction”
  • Notice of Acceptance [Con 501]
  • Copy of Final Estimate for State’s Contractor
  • Copy of Final Federal Voucher Report [Municipal Construction or Credit Due State Projects only]
  • Copy of Final Construction Order
  • Quantities and cost for sidewalk work if the State is not participating in this work.
  • Project Billing Files [Utilities and Railroads]
  • Authorization to proceed [from State]
  • State approval of the Municipal Consultant agreement

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