ConnDOT: Properties

Potential Properties
4/9/201817-86-79A-Bristol- Item No. 828 - STILL AVAILABLE
  Bristol-Sycamore Street
3/27/2018088-150-009A - New Britain - Item No. 833- STILL AVAILABLE
  New Britain - 46 North Street
3/21/2018134-141-1A -Stafford- Item 811- STILL AVAILABLE
  Stafford-CT Route 319
2/22/201853-000-60A- Glastonbury- Item 827- STILL AVAILABLE
  Glastonbury - 053-000-060A
3/15/2017169-000-050A - Woodstock - Item 838 - STILL AVAILABLE
  Woodstock - Somer Turnpike at West Rd (Route 171)
4/7/201553-101-27D- East Hartford- Item 567- STILL AVAILABLE
  East Hartford- Lombardo Drive
12/3/2014151-270-1B-Waterbury- Item No. 829 - STILL AVAILABLE
  Waterbury Boyden St
8/12/201432-110-5A- Coventry- Item 824 - STILL AVAILABLE
  Coventry- N/S Route 31
5/13/201388-47-70A - New Britain - Item No 819 - STILL AVAILABLE
  New Britain- 384 Black rock Avenue
5/29/2012152-70-34C- Waterford -Item 812-STILL AVAILABLE
  Waterford- Vauxhaull Street Extension
9/6/201117-86-17C Bristol-Item 804-STILL AVAILABLE
  Bristol- Belmont Street
8/9/201177-000-13A- Mansfield-Item 800-STILL AVAILABLE
  Mansfield- 825 Warrenville Road
1/24/201156-42-218A- Greenwich
  Greenwich- Ferris Drive and Center Drive
12/28/201056-42-33B- Greenwich
  Greenwich- I-95 (ramp K near Peters Road)
12/28/201093-74-100A Newington
  Newington- Route 15
12/28/2010162-131-3A- Winchester-Item 791-STILL AVAILABLE
  Winchester- 467 North Main Street
12/28/201056-42-268A- Greenwich
  Greenwich- Manor Drive
  Darien- Tokeneke Road @I-95
5/25/201076-87-22A- Manchester
  Manchester- Birch Mountain Road and Carter Street West
5/25/2010144-111-3A- Trumbull
  Trumbull- Briarwoods Terrace
5/25/2010140-111-96C- Thomaston
  Thomaston-South Main Street (Route 254)
1/21/201076-87-23B Manchester
  Manchester - Highland St @ Porter St
1/4/2010100-67-87A- Wallingford
  Wallingford- I-95 on ramp
1/4/2010100-60-9C- Wallingford
  Wallingford I-91 on ramp @ Laurel Drive
1/4/201050-73-137A- Fairfield
  Fairfield- Berwick court
12/9/200952-45-20A- Franklin
  Franklin-W/S Route 32
12/9/200952-45-20B- Franklin
  Franklin-W/S Route 32
12/9/200970-66-48A- Bozrah
  Bozrah- Bozrah Street Extension
12/9/20092-121-2A- Derby-Item No.813- STILL AVAILABLE
  Derby-S/S Division Street
12/8/200996-114-35A- Southbury
  Southbury- Oakdale Road @ Manor Road
2/2/2009328-2-4C- Griswold
  Griswold-S.R. 630
2/2/2009162-131-1A- Winchester
  Winchester-461 North Main Street
2/2/2009152-70-34B- Waterford
  Waterford-Vauxhall St. Ext
2/2/2009152-36-12A- Waterford
  Waterford-Dayton Road
2/2/2009113-105-1A- Preston
  Preston-Route 2/Ross Road
2/2/2009105-000-42A- Essex
  Old Saybrook-Essex Road
2/2/2009102-115-141A- Norwalk
  Norwalk-US Route 7 @ Elm Street
2/2/200958-33-30H- Groton
  Groton-S/S CT RT 184
2/2/200951-126-235A- Bloomfield
  Bloomfield-Douglas Street
2/2/200950-60-3A- Fairfield
  Fairfield. Route 59
2/2/200932-110-5A- Coventry
  Coventry- N/S of Main Street (RT 31)