ConnDOT: Permits
 Intrastate Permit for Household Goods Carrier
  The Bureau of Public Transportation oversees the regulation of moving companies, taxicabs, livery operators and motorbus companies.
 OSOW Outage
 OSOW - New
 Industrial Truck Permit
  Permit to transport goods, property or merchandise to and between buildings of the same industrial plant . C.G.S. 13A-117. (Initial, Duplicate, Renewal, Modification, Suspension or Restoration).
 Radioactive Material Permit
  Permit to transport radioactive material into and through the state. C.G.S. Section 19-409d. (Initial, Renewal, Duplicate, Restoration, Suspension or Modification).
 Encroachment Permit
  Allows use of a State highway for purposes other than travel. Normally, excavations, utility work, within the right of way. (Initial, Modification, Suspension, Restoration or Specific Duration).
 Permit for Use on Limited Access Highway
  Written permission for authorized tasks on limited access highways
 Permission to Film on Limited Access Highways
  OSTA Approval to Film on Limited Access Highways
 Parkway Permit
  Permit to operate on the Merritt and Wilbur Cross Parkways by vehicles normally excluded. (Initial or Renewal).
 Special Event Permit for Highways
  Permit to allow the use of state highways for special events, parades, etc.