DORS: About Us

About Us

Welcome to the Department of Rehabilitation Services (DORS). Our programs, policies and practices are designed to promote employment, independence, equal access and self-sufficiency for people with disabilities. We strive to be a resource for information and technical assistance for other stakeholders in Connecticut as well.

Statutory Responsibility
The Department of Rehabilitation Services provides a wide range of services to individuals with disabilities who need assistance in maintaining or achieving their full potential for self-direction, self-reliance and independent living. The primary customers of the agency are individuals with disabilities, and in our employment-based programs we also have business/employers as a dual customer.

Our mission is to maximize opportunities for people in Connecticut with disabilities to live, learn and work independently.

Core Values
INTEGRITY: We interact honestly and fairly with all others, adhering to strong ethics, values and principals.

RESPECT: We value and recognize others for their unique skills, talents and contributions, and are considerate in all interactions.

PROFESSIONALISM: We are mindful of our daily conduct and strive to have the highest work standards with a courteous attitude.

OPEN COMMUNICATION: We encourage the sharing of information and knowledge in an accurate, honest and supportive way.

General Information
Please check back frequently for up-to-date information on the services that we offer.

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