DORS: Workers' Rehabilitation Services

Workers' Rehabilitation Services

Statute and Regulations (Section 31-283 a-1 to Section 31-283 a-6)

Applying for Services

Workers’ Rehabilitation Services  is dedicated to assisting the eligible injured worker in returning to gainful employment by providing quality Vocational Rehabilitation services.

Vocational planning focuses on enabling the injured worker to envision a new future … a new career.

The Basic Idea of Rehabilitation

Most workers in the state of Connecticut are protected by Workers’ Compensation insurance. In addition to a provision covering the loss of earnings and medical care, the Workers’ Compensation Act provides for Vocational Rehabilitation. This service is designed to assist you in returning to gainful employment.

The main goal of Workers' Rehabilitation Services is to help the injured worker return to work in a position that is now physically appropriate. Prompt and well-planned vocational rehabilitation may help prevent future injuries.

Application Form

Download the Application Form for Rehabilitation Services, Form WCR-1, in PDF Format.

Services that may be Provided

Each person’s program will be individualized, based on their needs.

Services may include:

  • Vocational Counseling 
  • Evaluation
  • Aptitude/Interest Testing 
  • Formal Training/Education
  • Job Seeking Skills
  • Placement Assistance
Contact Information


Workers' Rehabilitation Services

Capitol Place
21 Oak Street
Hartford, CT 06106

Phone: (860) 493-1546
Fax: (860) 247-1361


Link to Workers’ Compensation Commission District office locations:

Statute and Regulations: Section 31-283 a-1 to Section 31-283 a-6

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