doh: Second Round of IHZ

Dear Mayors, First Selectmen, and Town Managers:


Department of Housing is pleased to announce a second round of pre-development funding under the Incentive Housing Zone (aka HomeCT) program and those towns seriously considering applying are encouraged to apply by January 31, 2014.  Please note that resolutions from the Legislative Body and Zoning Commission are required and therefore, municipalities are encouraged to schedule meetings to have these resolutions in place before this deadline.


The availability of additional funds in the amount of $2.0 million is for pre-development costs associated with the Incentive Housing Zone program.  DOH is seeking applications from municipalities who wish to create Incentive Housing Zones or assist private developers with their incentive housing development that will result in the creation of mixed-income housing units.  The applications must meet the criteria established by CGS Section 8-13 (m-x), as amended.  Under the first round of pre-development funding, DOH awarded 10 municipalities with $20,000 for various activities such as drafting IHZ regulations, design standards, identifying parcels, outreach, etc. so that these municipalities can identify locations for creation of IHZs and adopt the IHZ regulations that will facilitate in creation of affordable housing.


Pre-Development Grant Application and Instructions provides details such as types of pre-development costs allowed, criteria to be used to prioritize applications, required documents, etc.  This application is available at the following link (scroll down to “Application Process” at this link and the first link is the application):


Incentive Housing Zone Program


If you have questions about this announcement, you can contact Dimple Desai at (860) 270-8012 or by email at


Evonne Klein


Department of Housing

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