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Security Deposit Guarantee Program

What is the Security Deposit Guarantee Program?
For eligible households, the Security Deposit Guarantee Program provides a guarantee to landlords of up to two month's rent instead of an actual payment. THIS IS NOT AN ENTITLEMENT PROGRAM.
Who can apply for the Security Deposit Guarantee Program?
This program is open to all CT residents that meet both the financial and categorical eligibility requirements.
How & where does a household apply for the Security Deposit Guarantee Program?
Individuals/families must apply at the regional contracting agency assigned to their city/town. See link below.
What are the eligibility requirements for the Security Deposit Guarantee Program?
Financial Eligibility:

To be financially eligible,
1) Your household's total gross annual income must not exceed 150% of the federal poverty income guidelines by family size
2) You received temporary family assistance (TFA), state-administered general assistance (SAGA) or state supplement program benefits.

Categorical Eligibility:
To be categorically eligible, your household must meet one of the following requirements:

1) Hold a First Time federal Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher or a certificate from the Rental Assistance Program,
2) Currently reside in emergency housing or an emergency shelter in Connecticut,
3) Cannot remain in permanent housing because a) the applicant has been served a writ, summons and complaint in a summary process action instituted pursuant to chapter 832 of the Connecticut General Statutes,
4) You have left your permanent housing to escape domestic violence,
5) A catastrophic event situation, caused by a manmade or natural disaster,
6) You hold a federal Section 8 voucher or state Rental Assistance certificate from DOH and you are forced to vacate your residence because the unit has failed a housing quality standard inspection when the failure was the responsibility of the owner and owner will not correct the condition(s),
7) Your household shares a dwelling unit with a primary tenant who is being evicted or is engaged in criminal activity,
8) Your household has been illegally locked out by your landlord and a complaint concerning the lockout has been filed with the police department,
9) Your household has been living with a person who received a preliminary notice under section 47a-15 CGS or a notice to quit because of termination of a rental agreement for lapse of time, or
10) Your household left permanent housing because a child in your family who lived in the dwelling unit has been found to have a level of lead in the blood equal to or greater than 20 micrograms per deciliter

How are claims paid?
There is a signed agreement with the landlord that DOH will guarantee payment of the agreed-upon security deposit, in part or in whole, if the tenant moves out of the apartment and there is any damage caused by the tenant which requires repair, or if the tenant owes back rent. The landlord must submit a claim for payment within 45 days after the tenant moves out of the unit.
All landlords must complete a State of Connecticut Agency Vendor Form and W-9 Form in order to receive payment.
How to submit a claim?
To begin, send the following information to Karin Motta (
1) Tenant's Name and Address
2) Landlord's Name and Address
3) Reason for Claim (Ex. unpaid rent or damages)

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