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Department of Housing Contact Information
State of Connecticut
Department of Housing
505 Hudson Street
Hartford, CT  06106-7106
DOH Main Line: 860-270-8262
DOH Fax: 860-706-5741

Superstorm Sandy Assistance Line: 860-270-8261 
Individual & Family Support Assistance Line: 860-270-8260
If you are having a housing crisis, call 211.
Department of Housing Divisions
Individual and Family Support Programs
DiLella, Steve
Phone: 860-270-8081
Motta, Karin
SS Program Specialist
Phone: 860-270-8207
Barrett, Paula
SS Program Specialist
Phone: 860-270-8253
Scott, Jeffrey
SS Program Specialist
Phone: 860-270-8021
Earle, Brenda
Field Representative
Phone: 860-270-8090
Gajda, Sue
Grants & Contract Specialist
Phone: 860-270-8044
Delgadillo, Maritza
Secretary 1
Phone: 860-270-8221
Housing Development
LaChance, Edward 
CD Specialist 
Phone: 860-270-8099
Santana, Karen
CD Specialist
Phone: 860-270-8224
Muniz, Helen
CD Specialist
Phone: 860-270-8023
Slover, Colette
CD Specialist
Phone: 860-270-8255
McNulty, Scott
Phone: 860-270-8212
Simpson, Jacqueline
Phone: 860-270-8038
Ponte, Jennifer
Phone: 860-270-8115
Karnes, Nathan
Phone: 860-270-8058
Klein, Evonne
Phone: 860-270-8236
Lundgren, Nick
Deputy Commissioner
Phone: 860-270-8190
Tallarita, Bernadette
Executive Secretary
Phone: 860-270-8236
Durand, Katie
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Phone: 860-270-8076

Arsenault, Daniel

Legislative Program Manager

Phone: 860-270-8103
Filotto, Amy
Legal Advisor
Phone: 860-270-8062
Pincus, Randi
Staff Attorney
Phone: 860-270-8064 
Community Development
Desai, Dimple
CD Director
Phone: 860-270-8012
Mihm, Jerome
Phone: 860-270-8097
Carew, Dominic
Phone: 860-270-8164
Frazier, Jacinta
Architectural Design Reviewer
Phone: 860-270-8129
Policy, Research and Housing Support
Santoro, Michael
CD Specialist
Phone: 860-270-8171
Generali, Beth
Phone: 860-270-8121
Thantaha, Paula
Phone: 860-270-8181
Watson, Laura
Phone: 860-270-8169
Keune, Christina
Associate Accountant
Pho, Tawny
Housing Specialist
Phone: 860-270-8091
Chambers, Wendy
Associate Accountant
Phone: 860-270-8111
Jean Holcomb
Associate Accountant
Phone: 860-270-8203

Clark, Penny
Fiscal Administrative Assistant
Phone: 860-270-8109
Superstorm Sandy Programs
Delaire, Mia
Sandy Director
Phone: 860-270-8149
Arnold, Lisa
Project Manager
Phone: 860-270-8231
Dunn, James
Grants & Contracts Specialist
Phone: 860-270-8197
Esangbedo, Erma
Grants & Contracts Specialist
Phone: 860-270-8152
Gorka, Mark
Grants & Contracts Specialist
Phone: 860-270-8251
Mazzotta, Suzanne
Grants & Contracts Specialist
Phone: 860-270-8194
Okafor, Joy
Grants & Contracts Specialist
Phone: 860-270-8156
Ruiz, Lillian
Grants & Contracts Specialist
Phone: 860-270-8027
Serdechny, Mary Beth
Grants & Contracts Specialist
Phone: 860-270-8179
Hinds, Africka
Grants & Contracts Specialist
Phone: 860-270-8027
Rosenthal, John
Phone: 860-270-8173
Swenson, Elizabeth
Phone: 860-270-8054
Lungren, William
IT System Analyst 1
Phone: 860-270-8043
Bouchard-Duquette, Cheri
Phone: 860-270-8195
Villarreal, Ana
Phone: 860-270-8057
Rice, Geri
Office Assistant
Phone: 860-270-8174

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