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About the Department of Housing


The Department of Housing strengthens and revitalizes communities by promoting affordable housing opportunities.  The Department seeks to eliminate homelessness and to catalyze the creation and preservation of quality, affordable housing to meet the needs of all individuals and families statewide to ensure that Connecticut continues to be a great place to live and work.


The Department of Housing (DOH) works in concert with municipal leaders, public agencies, community groups, local housing authorities, and other housing developers in the planning and development of affordable homeownership and rental housing units, the preservation of existing multi-family housing developments, community revitalization and financial and other support for our most vulnerable residents through our funding and technical support programs.  As the State's lead agency for all matters relating to housing, DOH provides leadership for all aspects of policy and planning relating to the development, redevelopment, preservation, maintenance and improvement of housing serving very low, low, and moderate income individuals and families. DOH is also responsible for overseeing compliance with applicable statutes, regulations and financial assistance agreements for funded activities through long-term program compliance monitoring.







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