doh: DOH Predevelopment Loan Program

DOH Predevelopment Loan Program

The Department of Housing (DOH) is pleased to announce the transition to a web-based application process for its Predevelopment Loan Program.  Effective April 2, 2015 DOH will accept Predevelopment Loan applications utilizing the DOH/CHFA Consolidated Application. Predevelopment Loan applications will continue to be accepted on a rolling basis by submission of an application through the state’s Biznet portal.

The predevelopment program was streamlined in 2013 and a stand-alone application was provided at that time.  This transition is part of DOH’s effort to further enhance predevelopment loan processing and provide a single location for applications under all DOH programs.
The Predevelopment Loan Program is directed to housing developers seeking assistance with predevelopment costs incurred in connection with the construction, rehabilitation, or redevelopment of housing for low and moderate income persons and families.  Predevelopment costs are expenses that are not administrative and are necessary before the construction stage of a project begins.  Proposed projects to be supported with these predevelopment funds must be eligible for financial assistance from DOH.
Instructional Webinar [Information regarding web-based application and electronic (Biznet) submission process - 15 minutes]
Program Outline [Eligibility parameters for Applicant, Project, and Expense Activities/Financial Terms/Selection Criteria]
Supplemental Application Instructions [To be used in conjunction with Predevelopment Loan Application section of ConApp. Highlights key changes from previous stand-alone application]
Predevelopment Program Documents/ Resources
For questions, contact Karen Santana at or 860-270-8224.

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