DOC: Offender Re-Entry Services

Offender Reentry Services

24 Wolcott Hill Road
Wethersfield, CT 06109
Phone: (860) 692-7691
Fax: (860) 692-7586

Deputy Warden: Pat Kupec

The Offender Reentry Unit is under the auspices of The Program and Treatment Division. The goal of the unit is to provide assistance to offenders who are incarcerated to assist with their successful reentry into the community. Every facility in the state has either a part time or full time Reentry Counselor. These Counselors assist the offenders with identification to include social security cards, birth certificates, and renewal of their DMV license and non-drivers license. ( State ID)

Although reentry starts upon admission, the intense work for reentry with offenders takes place one year to six months before release. For offenders with medical and mental health challenges, reentry staff works closely with staff from Correctional Managed health Care to insure offenders are afforded opportunities for health care referrals, medication for release and appointments with providers in the community.

Reentry staff hold discharge meetings with groups of offenders before they leave prison to determine their need for housing, referrals to food banks, community agencies, and other necessary appointments for successful reentry.

The Reentry Unit also has six Job Centers located at York CI, Osborn, Carl Robinson, MYI and Willard-Cybulski. Job Center Counselors provide assistance with resume writing, job interviewing skills and job search before offenders leave incarceration.

The unit also provides the Workbook Reentry Program which is a "booster" program meant to refresh the offender of the positive points he or she learned from facility program. The unit works closely with DCF and DSS to assist offenders who have child support and runs and monitors several Veterans's related program for incarcerated Veterans.

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