DOC: Offender Re-Entry Assistance

Offender Reentry Assistance

211 Infoline - This is a corrections specific site that provides an up to date statewide database of information critical to discharging offenders and their families such as housing, employment, job training etc.

Attention Employers:
Learn about tax breaks for hiring ex-offenders

Learn about bonding protection when hiring ex-offenders

Connecticut Job Bank - Maintained by the State Department of Labor as a clearinghouse for available employment.

Employment Assistance in the New Haven area.

New Haven Prison Reentry.

Bridgeport Council of Churches Co-op.

Urban League Employment Assistance in Hartford.

Voting Rights (English) (PDF 143KB)

Voting Rights (Spanish) (PDF 143KB)

Pardon Information - Assists offenders in making application for a pardon of their convictions.

Pardons Application Instructions For Current Offender (PDF, 10 KB)

Pardons Application Form For Current Offender (PDF, 14 KB)

Pardons Application Form For Non-Inmate (PDF, 472 KB)

Connecticut Pardon Team - A non-profit organization, not associated with the State Board of Pardons and Paroles that offers assistance with the pardon process

Unified School District 1 Authorization and Consent Form (PDF, 153 KB)

GED Transcript Request Form (PDF, 17 KB)

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