DOC: Offender Re-Entry Assistance

Offender Reentry Assistance

211 Infoline - This is a corrections specific site that provides an up to date statewide database of information critical to discharging offenders and their families such as housing, employment, job training etc.

Attention Employers:
Learn about tax breaks for hiring ex-offenders

Learn about bonding protection when hiring ex-offenders

Connecticut Job Bank - Maintained by the State Department of Labor as a clearinghouse for available employment.

Employment Assistance in the New Haven area.

New Haven Prison Reentry.

Bridgeport Council of Churches Co-op.

Urban League Employment Assistance in Hartford.

Voting Rights (English) (PDF 143KB)

Voting Rights (Spanish) (PDF 143KB)

Pardon Information - Assists offenders in making application for a pardon of their convictions through the CT Board of Pardons and Paroles.

Pardons Application Instructions For Current Offender (PDF, 10 KB)

Pardons Application Form For Current Offender (PDF, 14 KB)

Pardons Application Form For Non-Inmate (PDF, 472 KB)

Connecticut Pardon Team - A non-profit organization, not associated with the State Board of Pardons and Paroles that offers assistance with the pardon process

Unified School District 1 Authorization and Consent Form (PDF, 153 KB)

GED Transcript Request Form (PDF, 17 KB)

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