DOC: Safer Communities through Offender Reentry

Safer Communities through Offender Reentry

The Connecticut Department of Correction (DOC) is committed to supporting the successful reentry of offenders as they return to their home communities after incarceration.

Reentry is a process that begins when an offender first enters the correctional system, and guided by the Offender Management Plan, continues through supervision in the community under the Parole and Community Services Division, until a sentence is completed.

Upon incarceration an offender is provided an Objective Classification assessment, which assigns a risk level that will determine which facility he or she is assigned to and also identifies deficiencies and needs.

An Offender Accountability Plan is then completed; identifying treatment programs the offender should take advantage of to address his or her needs. These can include education, substance abuse treatment, domestic violence counseling parenting and others.

 Compliance with the plan is taken into account in the granting of Earned Risk Reduction Credits and should the offender be eligible for community release under the discretion of the Board of Pardons and Paroles or under the DOC's community supervision provisions.

As an offender nears release, transition counselors offer assistance to address the needs of housing, employment, continuing treatment and identification as well as connecting the offender with services in the community.

Research on state recidivism rates has shown that by placing appropriate offenders in community programs, under supervision near the end of their sentence reduces the potential for revocation and return to incarceration.

 By supporting this return to law abiding behavior, recidivism is reduced, correctional population and its costs are managed and most importantly, public safety is enhanced as reflected in the state's crime rate.

2011 The State of Connecticut Re-Entry and Risk Assessment Strategy Plan

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