DOC: Willard-Cybulski CI

Willard-Cybulski Correctional Institution

Address: 391 Shaker Road
Enfield , CT 06082
{Willard-Cybulski CI Entrance}
Phone: (860) 763-6100
Fax: (860) 763-6111
Security: Level 2

Warden: John Tarascio
Deputy Warden:
Brian Bradway
Linda Kendrick

Population as of July 1, 2014:

Accused: 45
Sentenced: 1,121
Total: 1,166

General Information:

The Willard-Cybulski Correctional Institution protects the public and protects staff by providing a safe, secure and humane environment where offenders participate in a mandatory structured process that instills a high standard of accountability and an expectation of responsibility on the part of the offender. Privileges and awards are earned and any offender who fails to meet the set standards will engage in a process of corrective action.

As part of its agency directed mandate to provide community service support, the facility has placed more than 150 inmates daily, in supervised community based public service projects and work details.  They have provided maintenance, assisting with community events,  renovations and painting to communities, the state and local non-profit agencies.

The Willard-Cybulski Correctional Institution continues its mission to prepare offenders for release back into the community with a wide number of programs and opportunities. Within the counseling and programming department of this facility, inmates have an opportunity to address, head on, the causes and issues that brought them into incarceration.

In 2005, the facility assumed a major role in the consolidation of medical services throughout the agency.  This initiative sought to reduce redundancy and improve the delivery of medical services in a fiscally responsible manner by utilizing a regional approach to health care.  The Willard-Cybulski Correctional Institution accommodated many of the agency’s level two offenders with significant health care needs..

Present staffing: 217.

The Willard building is named in honor of William Willard who served as warden of the Connecticut State Prison in Wethersfield from 1854-1857 and from 1862-1870.  The Cybulski building is named in honor of Alexandre J. Cybulski who served as Deputy Warden of the Somers State Prison from 1962-1983.

Listing of the inmate programs available at this facility (Cybulski) (PDF, 484 KB).
Listing of the inmate programs available at this facility (Willard) (PDF, 476 KB).

Visiting Schedule (PDF, 11 KB).


The Willard-Cybulski Correctional Institution was formerly two separate facilities, the Willard Correctional Institution and the Cybulski Correctional Institution. The Willard Correctional Institution was opened on October 18, 1990 as a level 2 facility for sentenced male offenders. The Cybulski Correctional Institution was opened on November 3, 1993 as a program intensive, male level 2 facility.

In 1997, the two facilities were consolidated as a means to enhance facility management and fiscal responsibility. The consolidation was the first of a male facility in the state and only the second in the entire agency history.

List of past wardens:

1997-1999 Sandra Sawicki
1999-2000 Peter Murphy
2000-2001 Mary Marcial
2001-2002 Nelvin A. Levester
2002-2003 Dennis Jones
2003-2006 Bruce J. Cuscovitch
2006-2011 Esther Torres

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