DOC: Manson YI

Manson Youth Institution

Address: 42 Jarvis Street
Cheshire, CT 06410
{Manson YI Entrance}
Phone: (203) 806-2500
Fax: (203) 699-1845
Security: Level 4

Warden: John Alves
Deputy Wardens:
Danielle Borges
Eulalia Garcia

Visiting Information:

Visiting Schedule (PDF, 139 KB).

Population Information: 

See data available regarding Connecticut Department of Correction's supervised population.

General Information:

The Manson Youth Institution (current census 490) is a level four (4), high security facility that houses both sentenced and un-sentenced juvenile offenders (ages 15 through 17) that are housed separately from the adult population pursuant to federal regulations and in order to employ management strategies geared directly toward the youthful offender. The remainder of the emerging young adult male offenders at MYI range in ages from 18 to 21.

The facility houses male offenders in ten separate buildings, each with three wings containing 12 cells, a day room, counselor offices and mini kitchen.

Recognizing the need to educate youthful offenders, MYI is committed to providing a wide variety of educational and vocational services through effective multi-disciplinary programs in an educational based environment that promotes meaningful opportunities for offenders to acquire the necessary life skills, education and standards valued by law abiding citizens. Offenders are afforded the opportunity to partake in college credit courses offered by Southern Connecticut State University and Yale University. MYI also provides 37 programs pertaining to personal growth/religious services, which includes Understanding Domestic Violence, Anger Management, Unlock Your Thinking, and VOICES.

MYI has a very strong relationship with the community, and organizations that provide services to this unique population. We presently have 13 Correctional staff members trained to facilitate programs, as well as 304 approved volunteers who are committed to working with the youth/young adults.  

The facility is named in honor of John R. Manson, the Department's second Commissioner who served from 1971-1983.  He also served as Deputy Commissioner from 1968-1971.

Present staffing: 289

Listing of the inmate programs available at this facility (PDF, 565 KB).

PREA Auditor's Summary Report (PDF, 383 KB).


The Manson Youth Institution formerly known as the Cheshire Youth Institution opened on October 12, 1982 as a level 4 facility with a population of 360 male offenders, ages 16 to 21 situated on 76 acres.

On September 17, 1985 the facility was rededicated as the John R. Manson Youth Institution in honor of the late Commissioner John R. Manson.

In January of 1986 the facility saw a beginning of doubling of cells, completed on December 1, 1988.

In 1994 a 155,000 square foot H.E.T. (Health Education & Training) building opened, containing 22 classrooms, a library, vocational education programming, a full-sized gymnasium, a chapel, mental health and medical facilities, a full production kitchen, a laundry and a warehouse.

List of past wardens:

1982-1984 James L. Singer
1984-1990 Michael B. Bonzagni
1990-1992 John J. Armstrong
1992-1997 Robert E. Ronne
1997-1999 Evelyn B. Bush
1999-2001 Sandra A. Sawicki
2001-2003 Mary M. Marcial
2003-2006 Moises Gonzalez
2006-2009 Christine Whidden
2009-2011 Jose Feliciano

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