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Administrative Orders and Settlements

Please note: When viewing administrative orders posted on the Internet, please recognize that some orders may involve allegations that may be contested in a hearing and that are not yet resolved.  Such administrative proceedings may, in the end, be resolved in favor of the firm or individual or they may be concluded through a negotiated settlement with no admission of wrongdoing.  The documents posted on this Web site are not official copies.  If an official copy is needed, please contact the agency.  For more information on a particular order or settlement, you may contact the department via E-mail or by calling (860) 240-8170.  

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Recent Administrative Orders
and Settlements

Meyers Associates, L.P. - May 15

Pettit, James Albert - May 15

Evans Law Associates, P.C. - May 9
  a/k/a Evans Law Associates, PLLC
  a/k/a Evans Law Associates, ELLC
Evans, Jason J.

Swayze, Ashleigh Cooper - April 21

Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC - April 20
Ocwen Business Solutions, Inc.

BillMo LLC - April 11

Collect Pros, LLC - April 11

Praxis Financial Solutions, - April 11

Total Mortgage Services, LLC - April 5


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Lists of agency actions and settlements

Consumer Credit

Concerning: check cashers, collection agencies, debt adjusters, debt negotiators, mortgage lenders and loan brokers, money transmitters, mortgage originators, sales finance companies and small loan lenders

Financial Institutions

Concerning: banks, bank officers and directors, credit unions

Securities and Business Investments

Concerning: agents of issuer, broker-dealers, broker-dealer agents, business opportunities, investment advisers, investment adviser agents, issuers, other respondents