DOB: Connecticut Banking Laws and Regulations

Banking, Securities and Related Laws


Connecticut General Statutes

The Banking Commissioner’s primary jurisdiction and authority is contained in Title 36a of the Connecticut General Statutes, "The Banking Law of Connecticut", and Title 36b of the Connecticut General Statutes, "Connecticut Securities Law and Business Opportunity Investment Act". The Connecticut General Assembly (CGA) compiles the statutes and public acts, which are available online at

To find the most current law, you will need to determine if a law was amended during the regular session or any special session of the 2014 General Assembly. Use the CGA website's Advanced Legislative Document Search tool.

1. For “Text contains the phrase”, enter the section number for which you are trying to obtain updates.
For “Year”, enter 2014.
3.  Under "Choose your Database(s)", click on Public Acts (1988 -2014).
4.  Click on Search.
5.  Review the search results to determine if the section was actually amended or only referenced within the context of another statute.
The Department maintains a summary index with links to the CGA website for the Connecticut General Statutes revised to January 1, 2013, and the 2014 Supplement to the General Statutes. The Supplement contains the codified public acts of 2013 in effect on January 1, 2014 or taking effect thereafter.
Official copies of the General Statutes of Connecticut, available either as individual volumes or a 16-volume set, may be purchased from the Secretary of the State's Office.

Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies

The regulation compilations linked here have been prepared by the Department of Banking. They are not intended to be a substitute for the official Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies, published and printed by the Commission on Official Legal Publications, and should not be relied upon as such. The compilations are intended to provide industry and its representatives with the regulations adopted by the Banking Commissioner.
The Secretary of the State's website presents an unofficial electronic version of the complete Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies.  Please note, however, that Public Act 14-187 repealed various regulations that may not be reflected on the Secretary of the State’s website.  Effective June 11, 2014, the following Department of Banking regulations were repealed in Public Act 14-187:

Maximum Deposit Liability, Collateral and Reports by Qualified Public Depositories
Sec. 36a-332-1.  Definitions
Sec. 36a-332-2.  Requirements for qualification as qualified public depository
Sec. 36a-332-3.  Other terms and conditions
Sec. 36a-332-4.  Requirements for financial institutions to serve as trustee for segregated eligible collateral
Sec. 36a-332-5.  Requirements for the transfer of eligible collateral
Sec. 36a-332-6.  Valuation of eligible collateral
Sec. 36a-332-7.  Reports to commissioner
Sec. 36a-332-8.  Total capital

Protection of Public Deposits
Sec. 36a-333-1.  Risk-based capital ratio
Sec. 36a-333-2.  Public deposits held by the depository

Supervision and Examination of Out-of-State Banks
Sec. 36a-412-1.  Authority, scope, purpose
Sec. 36a-412-2.  Definition
Sec. 36a-412-3.  Supervision, examination and reports

Share Accounts with an Agreed Maturity in Connecticut Credit Unions
Sec. 36a-446-1.  Definitions
Sec. 36a-446-2.  Term shares and term share accounts
Sec. 36a-446-3.  Term share account agreements
Sec. 36a-446-4.  Term share account procedures
Sec. 36a-446-5.  Share insurance

Risk Assets of Connecticut Credit Unions
Sec. 36a-458-1.  Risk assets defined

An official copy of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies may be purchased from the Commission on Official Legal Publications.