DOB: Advice on Handling PDF Documents

Portable Document File (PDF)
Handling Notes

{PDF Icon} Application forms and other documents on this Web site are provided as portable document format files (*.pdf), compatible to Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or later version.  PDF files allow you to view and print documents across a broad range of hardware and operating systems. If your browser does not allow you to view and print PDF files, get the FREE Adobe Acrobat™ Reader.

Note: Download times for PDF documents will vary with file sizes. Printed PDF documents will be sharper than screen images. Laser printers will provide better quality documents.

Completing Screen Fillable Forms

Follow this advice for best results with fillable forms.

As noted above, you will need Adobe Acrobat™ software to view and complete screen fillable PDF forms.

Please note: the free Adobe Acrobat™ Reader does not allow you to save a completed, or a partially completed, form on your computer. If you wish to electronically save a completed form, or retain your work on a partially completed form, you must purchase upgraded software - Adobe Acrobat™ or Adobe Acrobat™ Approval.  For more information about these products, please visit the Adobe Web site.

  • Complete Forms Offline:
    Although you can fill in a form while it is displayed online within your browser, we strongly recommend that you not do so. You will lose all your entered form data if you accidentally hit the "back" or "forward" button in your browser and navigate to another Web page.
  • Downloading and Saving PDF Forms:
    Once you've found your desired form, right-click on the hyperlink and select “Save Target As” (Internet Explorer) or “Save Link As” (Netscape).  You can then save the blank form to the computer directory or folder of your choice and complete it at your convenience.  As an alternative, you can click on the hyperlink and open/view the form if Adobe Acrobat™ software is installed on your computer.   Then save the form by selecting the small disk icon that appears in the upper left hand corner of the Adobe Acrobat™ frame within your browser.
  • Filling in a Form:
    To begin completing in a “screen-fillable form, select the hand tool from the Acrobat™ toolbar.  As you pass over a form field, the hand tool will change to either an I-beam pointer, allowing you to fill-in text, or to a pointing finger to allow you to select a check box.  Click to enter or select the form field.   Single-line text boxes allow you to enter text on a single line as the form indicates.  Multi-line text boxes allow you to enter multiple lines of text that will generally "wrap" (as with most word processors) within the form field until the text limit is reached.  You may hit "ENTER" in a multi-line text field to start a new line of text.

    When you complete a field, press "TAB" or use your mouse to move to the next form field.   Most form fields can be navigated and completed in a logical order by using the "TAB" key.  Before printing and closing your form, however, be sure that all required fields on a form have been completed.

  • Printing Forms:
    If you are viewing a fillable form within your browser’s window, be sure to use the printer button on the Acrobat™ frame toolbar menu to print the form, rather than using your Web browser’s print function.  Be sure your cursor is not in an active form field when you print.  Use your mouse to select an area outside of a form field or "TAB" after the last field.  If a form field is active (i.e., contains the blinking bar) the contents of that field will not print.
  • Signing and Submitting Filled-in Forms:
    After completing a screen fillable form, you must first print and then later sign the form. At this time, all signatures, where required, must be hand written on the form. Signature blocks are not fillable via your keyboard.  Submit the form as you normally would - either via mail or in person - to the Department of Banking.
  • Retain Copies for Your Records:
    Since form data cannot be saved when using the free Adobe Acrobat™ Reader software, we strongly recommend that you print two copies of the completed form: one copy to submit and one copy for your records.  As an alternative, you can photocopy your completed form.


Visually impaired persons may use Access.Adobe.Com as a tool to read documents in PDF format.   PDF files are converted into simple HTML pages or ASCII text which can then be read by a number of common screen reading programs that synthesize the HTML as audible speech. Please go to for more information. If you are still unable to access a particular document, please email the webmaster for an alternate version of the file.

PDF Troubleshooting

Adobe outlines solutions to common PDF technical issues issues on their web site.

If you experience problems with PDF files appearing as blank windows in your browser or receive error messages attempting to open files saved to your hard drive, be sure you have the latest version of Acrobat Reader and your browser is properly configured. For more information on this issue, including advice on how to properly configure various browsers for PDF files, please read and follow Adobe's recommended solutions.