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Rental Security Deposit Complaints

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The Department of Banking investigates rental security deposit complaints, issues cease and desist orders and refers matters to the Attorney General's Office for legal action.  If you have a complaint regarding a rental security deposit issue, please download and complete our customer assistance form below.  All complaints will be handled in the order in which they are received.  In most instances, responses will be issued to consumer complaints within 60 days.

Going to Court (Small Claims) to Resolve Disputes

As a simple, quick alternative, landlords or tenants with disputes about rental security deposits may bring small claims suits in a Housing Session, or in the local Geographical Area Court if there is no Housing Session, provided that the dollar amount claimed falls within the jurisdiction of the small claims court.

Refer to your local telephone book blue pages under State of Connecticut Judicial Department for local court addresses or visit the Judicial Department website.

Filing a Complaint with this Agency

If you wish to file a written complaint with the Department of Banking, please use the Complaint Form linked below.  When filing your complaint, you must complete all items on the complaint form and you must attach copies of all necessary documentation as requested on the form in order for us to process your complaint. 

Rental Security Deposit Complaint Form (pdf file) 
Checklist (pdf file)

En Español
El formulario en Español (pdf file)
    Lista de Control (pdf file) 

Please mail the completed form along with the required documents to: 

Security Deposit Investigator
Connecticut Department of Banking
260 Constitution Plaza
Hartford, CT 06103-1800

(860) 240-8154
Toll-free 800-831-7225 ext. 8154
Fax: (860) 920-3028
E-mail: security deposit investigator

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