DOB: Bulletin 2529 - August 10, 2012

The Department of Banking News Bulletin 

Bulletin # 2529
Week Ending August 10, 2012

This bulletin constitutes the only official notification you will receive from this office concerning any of the following applications. Any observations you may have are solicited. Any comments should be in writing to Howard F. Pitkin, Banking Commissioner, at the Connecticut Department of Banking, 260 Constitution Plaza, Hartford, CT 06103-1800 or via E-mail. Written comments will be considered only if they are received within ten days from the date of this bulletin.

Branch Activity
Section 36a-145 of the Connecticut General Statutes requires certain applications for a branch, or for a limited branch at which loans will be made, be accompanied by a plan detailing how adequate services to meet the banking needs of all community residents will be provided.  Plans are submitted when such applications are filed and are available for public inspection and comment at this Department for a period of 30 days.  Questions concerning branch activity should be directed to the Financial Institutions Division, (860) 240-8180.
Date Bank Location Activity
8/6/12 Farmington Bank
350 Buckland Road
South Windsor, CT  06074
Notice of Intent
Not to Disapprove
Farmington Bank
1095 & 1099 Main Street
Newington, CT  06111
8/10/12 Bank of England
England, AR
* 979 Farmington Avenue
   Berlin, CT  06037
* Limited Branch – LPO
Acquisition and Merger
On August 7, 2012, pursuant to Sections 36a-184, 36a-411 and 36a-412(a)(1) of the Connecticut General Statutes, United Financial Bancorp, Inc., a bank holding company with its principal place of business in Massachusetts, and its wholly-owned subsidiary United Bank, a federal savings bank, filed an acquisition statement and applications for United Financial Bancorp, Inc. to acquire New England Bancshares, Inc., a bank holding company with its principal place of business in Enfield, Connecticut, and its wholly-owned subsidiary New England Bank, a Connecticut bank, and for the subsequent merger of New England Bank with and into United Bank.  In connection with this filing, United Financial Bancorp, Inc., and United Bank filed a community reinvestment plan that is available for public inspection and comment at the Department of Banking for a period of 30 days.
Branch Activity
Date Credit Union Location
Sikorsky Financial Credit Union, Inc.
Stratford High School
45 N. Parade Street
Stratford, CT  06615
Order Accepting Surrender
On July 5, 2012, the Commissioner, acting pursuant to Section 36a-51(c) of the 2012 Supplement to the General Statutes, issued an Order Accepting Surrender (“Order”) of the check cashing service license of Frog Bridge Check Cashing Plus, LLC, Willimantic, Connecticut, following the issuance by the Commissioner of a Notice of Intent to Refuse to Renew Check Cashing Service License and Notice of Right to Hearing issued on June 18, 2012.  As part of the Order, the Commissioner accepted the surrender of the license effective as of July 5, 2012, and imposed no additional terms and conditions.
Temporary Order to Cease and Desist, Notice of Intent to Issue
Order to Cease and Desist and Notice of Intent to Impose Civil Penalty
On July 20, 2012, the Commissioner issued a Temporary Order to Cease and Desist, Notice of Intent to Issue Order to Cease and Desist, Notice of Intent to Impose Civil Penalty and Notice of Right to Hearing (“Notice”) in the Matter of:  Law Offices of Andrea Loveless, LLP d/b/a The Law Offices of Andrea S Loveless a/k/a America Financial Law Group, a Professional Law Corporation (“Respondent”), Lake Forest, California.  The Notice alleges that Respondent engaged in debt negotiation in this state without obtaining the required license, in violation of Section 36a-671(b) of the Connecticut General Statutes, in effective prior to October 1, 2011.  The Commissioner also found that public welfare requires the issuance of a Temporary Order to Cease and Desist against Respondent.  Respondent was afforded an opportunity to request a hearing with regard to the allegations set forth in the Notice.
Brookville Capital Partners (CRD # 102380) Fined $5,000 for Recordkeeping Deficiencies
On August 9, 2012, the Banking Commissioner entered into a Stipulation and Agreement (No. ST-8017-S) with Brookville Capital Partners LLC, a Connecticut-registered broker-dealer with its main office at 383 RXR Plaza, Uniondale, New York.  The Stipulation and Agreement alleged that the firm failed to keep and maintain certain books and records required by law.  In resolution of the matter, the firm agreed to pay a $5,000 fine.

     Dated:  Tuesday, August 14, 2012
       Howard F. Pitkin
       Banking Commissioner