DOAG: CT Seafood Advisory Council

Connecticut Seafood Advisory Council
2016 Meeting Schedule

   January 21, 2016

   March 17, 2016

   May 19, 2016

   July 21, 2016

   September 15, 2016

   November 17, 2016 


2016 Meetings:


Next Meeting Date:

October 27, 2016

CT Dept. of Agriculture- Bureau of Aquaculture and Lab Services

190 Rogers Avenue

Milford, CT

2:30 P.M.    


The September 29, 2016 meeting was cancelled. 


The July  21, 2016 meeting was cancelled.


May 19, 2016 meeting was cancelled.

May 19, 2016 Agenda  


The March 17 meeting is rescheduled to April, date TBD.


The January 21, 2016 meeting was cancelled.


2015 Meeting Agendas and Minutes:


November 19, 2015 DRAFT Minutes

November 19, 2015 Agenda  

October 13, 2015 DRAFT Minutes  

October 13, 2015 Agenda

The September 17, 2015 meeting was cancelled.

The July 16, 2015 meeting was cancelled.

The May 21, 2015 meeting was cancelled.

The March 19, 2015 meeting was not held. 

2014 Meeting Agendas and Minutes:
October 7, 2014 - Meeting Cancelled
Sec. 22-455. Connecticut Seafood Advisory Council. Membership. There is established a Connecticut Seafood Advisory Council to assist in the promotion of Connecticut seafood products and examine market opportunities. The advisory council shall consist of one freshwater fish producer appointed by the Governor, two finfish, shellfish or lobster harvesters or representatives of harvester organizations appointed one each by the speaker and majority leader of the House of Representatives, two finfish, shellfish or lobster processors or representatives of processor organizations appointed one each by the minority leaders of the Senate and House of Representatives, one retailer serving restaurants or representing a restaurant organization appointed by the president pro tempore of the Senate, one member at-large appointed by the majority leader of the Senate, and four nonvoting members one of whom shall represent the Department of Environmental Protection, one the Department of Economic and Community Development and one the Department of Agriculture and one the Sea Grant Program at The University of Connecticut. The advisory council shall be within the Department of Agriculture.
Sec. 22-457. Council authorized to use available funds and to enter into contracts. The Connecticut Seafood Advisory Council may utilize federal, state or other available funds, and may enter into contracts in order to carry out the purposes of section 22-455.