DOAG: Farm Transition Grant Program

Farm Transition Grant

The next application period is expected to close in March 2016.  Please check the website after January 1, 2016 for the 2016 application.  For more information, please contact Mrs. Jaime Smith at (860) 713-2559 or


The Farm Transition Grant Program (FTG) (C.G.S. Sec. 22-26j) is a competitive matching grant program. The purpose of the program is to strengthen the economic viability of Connecticut farmers and agricultural cooperatives.  Producers and agriculture cooperatives may apply for this grant and may receive up to $49,999 matching. 
A producer and an agricultural cooperative match must be at least 50% and may not include in-kind services.  The Department of Agriculture’s share of the project budget is capped at $49,999 in matching funds. Applicants may apply more than one time even if they have previously received FTG money.
This is a rebate grant for the production farmer and for agricultural cooperatives. This means that the grantee must complete the project before they will be reimbursed the grant dollars. Applicants have one year to complete the project once the contract is signed.
The state monies that go towards this program are specifically set aside with the passage of Public Act 05-228, commonly known as “The Community Investment Act” (C.G.S Sec. 4-66aa). Unlike state bonding, this Act generates a dedicated revenue stream to fund the program so it is guaranteed to be available on an annual basis.
The FTG has been a great success and we encourage Connecticut farmers and agricultural cooperative organizations to apply!