DOAG: Connecticut Grown Program

CT Grown Program
{ct grown logo 4c} The CT Grown Program was developed in 1986, when the now-familiar green and blue logo was created to identify agricultural products grown in the state. Over the past two decades, the CT Grown Program has blossomed into a multifaceted campaign that promotes these products through a diverse array of avenues in local, regional, national and international markets.
Please view the Connecticut Grown Identity Standards page prior to downloading and using the logo.
Highlights of the Program {ct grown logo 4 color}
Connecticut Grown Logo
Producers of Connecticut Grown products are encourage to use this logo on marketing and packaging materials for products that are Connecticut Grown.  Please take a look at the Connecticut Grown Identity Standards page to download the logo.

Point of Purchase (POP) Materials 
{ct grown price card.jpg} Price cards are available in Connecticut Grown (full color, 5.5" x 7") or non-Connecticut Grown (black and white, 5.5" x7") in pads of 50. To order, please fill out and fax/mail in the POP Request Form.  
CT Grown Crop Availability Calendar ~ This popular calendar identifies the seasonal availability of CT Grown fruits and vegetables in a multi-colored, easy-to-read chart. Available for downloading.   Download CT Grown Crop Availability Calendar

CT Grown Producer Listings - The Department of Agriculture offers a variety of online listings on its Where to Find Connecticut Grown Products page.  It's free to participate and applications are accepted year round. Applications can be found on the  For more information, please contact Jane Slupecki at 860-713-2503 or



Grant Opportunities ~ For a complete list of grant opportunities offered through the Department of Agriculture, please visit our Agency Grants and Loans page.  



Agriculture Directional Signage ~ The Agriculture Directional Signage {CT Grown Road Signage } program is designed to direct tourists and regional consumers off state roadways to local roads where farm operations are established.  The state approved signs are paid for by the farmers; currently you can find over 175 signs throughout Connecticut.  For more information view the Signage Program Brochure (.pdf, 2pgs) or contact Rick Macsuga at or 860-713-2503.
Farmers' Markets ~ A constantly expanding program which enables consumers to purchase fresh farm products. For more information on establishing a market in your area or participating in a market, contact Rick Macsuga at or 860-713-2503.
{Farm to School logo} Farm-to-School ~ A statewide program designed to use Connecticut Grown fresh fruits and vegetables in schools cafeteria meals and snacks. 83 schools/school systems, 44 producers, and eight wholesale houses take part in the program. For more information about the program and how you can participate, visit the Farm-to-School webpage (under Programs & Services) on the Department of Ag website or contact us at 860-713-2503.
Farm-to-Chef ~ This free program helps connect producers and distributors of CT Grown {FTC_logo} ingredients with chefs and other foodservice professionals.  It also helps the public locate restaurants and other dining venues that serve Connecticut Grown foods.  Membership applications and additional infromation are available on the Farm-to-Chef page or call 860-713-2503.
{Connecticut Farm Link Program logo} Farm Link ~ This program was developed in response to the demand for farmland by new farmers. It has been designed to act as a clearinghouse for the transition between generations of farmers with the goal of keeping farmland in production. For more information about this program visit or contact the Farmland Preservation Division at 860-713-2511.
Media relations ~ Information about CT Grown products, producers, and events is disseminated to the media through news releases and other forms of outreach. To join the distribution list, contact Steve Jensen at or 860-713-2519.
{The Colonel}  CT Grown Mascots  ~ This program allows you to borrow a variety of fruit, vegetable, and animal costumes to promote your agricultural event, free of charge.  Costumes can be borrowed between April 1st and November 15th of each year.  You will be required to sign out the costumes, using the costume loan agreement 2016. However, you must confirm the dates and availability of the costumes you want to borrow with Jane Slupecki at 860-713-2503 or  Remember, you must pick them up and drop them off in Hartford, CT at our office. .      
Connecticut Grown Forest Products Program ~ Done in conjunction with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, the program highlights producers of furniture, outdoor structures, and decorative accents.  To learn more and find a producer, visit the CT DEEP's program page - Connecticut Grown Forest Products.
CT Apple Marketing Board ~ In August 1986, after a vote by Connecticut apples growers in favor of a marketing order, the Commissioner approved the enactment of the Connecticut Apple Marketing Order (CGS Sec. 22-54o through 22-54t). Among the Order's goals are to help increase the demand for apples, promote efficient and equitable marketing of apples, and develop new and larger markets for apples produced in the state. You can visit their website at for more information.
CT Seafood Council ~An organization that represents the state's commercial seafood harvesters and farmers of fish and shellfish that work to promote the seafood industry in Connecticut to Connecticut residents. For information about Council meetings, you can visit our Boards, Councils and Commissions Page.
CT Farm Wine Development Council ~ A Council that promotes all CT farm wineries and vineyards and the sale of locally produced CT farm wines. For information about Council meetings, you can visit our Boards, Councils and Commissions Page.
CT Food Policy Council ~ A Council that works to promote the development of a food policy for the State of Connecticut and the coordination of state agencies that affect food security. For information about Council meetings, you can visit our Boards, Councils and Commissions Page.         
CT Milk Promotions Board ~   The CT Milk Promotion Board develops, coordinates and implements promotional, research and other programs designed to promote Connecticut dairy farms and milk consumption. For information about Board meetings, you can visit our Boards, Councils and Commissions Page.