DOAG: Food Safety Information for Farmers

Produce Safety Information for Farmers
Food Safety Modernazation Act (FSMA)
Connecticut GAP (CGAP) Produce Inspections coming soon!
Videos about safe food handling
   Safe Food Handling: Traning for Employees and Employers
      English Version (22:33 minutes)
      Spanish Version (31:36 minutes)
Natural Disaster/Storm Information
For questions related to produce safety, please call 860-713-2522. 

For food safety information for shellfishermen, please see information provided by the Division of Aquaculture.
For information regarding regulation and inspection of agricultural products, please visit the Bureau of Regulatory Services pages.
Questions regarding food safety training and education for producers should be directed to Diane Wright-Hirsch at UConn Cooperative Extension System, or 203-407-3163 or visit their website Food Safety in Connecticut.