DOAG: Organic Certification Cost Share Grant Program

Organic Certification Cost Share Grant Program


The Connecticut Department of Agriculture (CT DoAG) receives a grant on a yearly basis from the USDA-National Organic Program (NOP).  Through this grant, our agency can reimburse Connecticut’s Certified Organic Growers & Processors for a portion of their certification fee.  The amount reimbursed will be 75% (up to $750.00) of the certification cost.

CT DoAG – Marketing Division receives a list of Certified Organic Growers and Processors from organic certifying agents in Connecticut.  These growers and processors are contacted and notified about this program on a yearly basis.  In order to be eligible for this money, the following is required:

  • A copy of the Certification Certificate from an accredited certifier
  • A copy of the financial form showing the cost of the certification


These items are needed by September.



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