DOAG: Welcome to the Connecticut Farm-to-Chef Program!

This program helps connect Connecticut chefs and food service professionals with growers, producers, and distributors of CT Grown products.  It also helps the public locate restaurants, institutions, and other dining facilities that serve foods prepared with CT Grown ingredients.
         2017 Farm-to-Chef Week:  September 17-23
This year's Farm-to-Chef Week will run September 17-23, 2017 at diverse dining destinations across the Connecticut.  Each participating venue will create their own Farm-to-Chef menu showcasing special Connecticut Grown ingredients in each dish

Get the 2017 Farm to Chef guidelines and registration form for dining venues wishing to participate.

Get the 2017sponsorship package for businesses that would like to support this event.

Read some frequently asked questions about Farm-to-Chef.

Farm-to-Chef Menu:
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