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Farm to School Promotional Materials and Programs

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Present Program Events
New Website for K-12
Food Service Directors Launched!
Start with Half a Cup


The Start with Half a Cup tool kit was a collaborative effort with CT Department of Administrative Services, CT State Department of Education, and our agency, the CT Department of Agriculture, to help with the rapid successive changes in the USDA School Feeding Programs. In order to encourage the consumption of the fresh produce requirements, a high energy highly motivated food service directors, anti-hunger advocates, university staff, community food organizations, and CT FoodCorps were brought together  for meetings, project development, and implementation. We as a group introduced this virtual toolkit to all Connecticut School Food Service Directors at the CT School Breakfast Summit on November 4, 2014.  This tool kit provides resources for school nutrition programs to support their efforts in getting students to take and consume the fruits and vegetables that come with their school meals. 


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Past Program Events
CT Grown for CT Kids Week
September - October each year:
The CT State Department of Education (CSDE) proudly announces that this is CT Grown for CT Kids Week 2014 is upon us! Remember, send items of interest at your school or farm, and we will post them here! School food service directors can still receive a set of books free of charge, while supplies last, to use during this week long event! Please contact
When you buy CT Grown, you help the local agricultural businesses, and the local economy! It has a ripple effect in your town and state--more CT crops and meats, milk are just the beginning! This one act, buying CT Grown has the potential to create more jobs, and sales of services and goods, like more advertising dollars, more construction supplies, more widgets and gadgets! thanks for using CT Grown products in your CT Grown for CT Kids Week meals!
March 31, 2014
A Farm to School Meeting of the Minds
Groton, CT
Farmers and schools met, to discuss opportunities to work together. If interested in selling to schools in the Groton area, please contact us and we will connect you to the group!! A good group of food service directors was at this event to discuss the process or opportunities to sell to schools. Mention the farm2 market workshop! Let's get growing!
SNACT Summer Meeting 2013
We enjoyed seeing the food service directors at the 2013 SNACT summer meeting, and did we have fun at Rosedale Farm and Vineyard or what?  We encourage you to go back and visit the farms we tour as a group!   
Promotional Materials for this program: 
  • A logo for the program was developed with the assistance of UCONN.
  • The logo has been formatted into a "price card" which is already being used in many schools to denote lunch items that are CT Grown. To preview the card simply click farm_schoolpricecards1.pdf  
  • The logo is available for School Lunch Programs to use for banners, promotional materials or other similar uses to help promote the Farm to School Program, any CT Grown produce and nutritional programs associated with that program.
  • The price cards come in pads of 50. Call to order your supply today at (860) 713-2543.
  • The logo itself can be used on menus and materials after your school starts using CT Grown in its school lunch, breakfast or snack programs. it is available in .gif   format here.     
Connecticut Grown Crop Availability Calendar ~
  • The seasonal availability of Connecticut Grown fruits and vegetables in a multi-colored, easy to read chart. It can be used at school event. It can be downloaded and printed.

      Click crop calendar.pdf  for high quality version to print for your school events.

    {crop calendar for website use.jpg}  

The Connecticut Department of Agriculture's 2011 Farm Map is still available. With 207 farms located on a map, you can visit farms that grow apples, visit a maple sugarhouse, go organic, find a stable or take some riding lessons, or buy some begonias for your spring garden! For your school or events, call our office, and we'd be happy to arrange a mailing or delivery of maps to you or your organization. Each box has 250 farm maps. Call Jane Slupecki at (860) 713-2588.

Costume Usage
The costume program is closed for the winter. On February 15, 2015 the 2015 calendar will re-open for bookings. You can borrow the costumes from  April 15, 2016 through November 15, 2016. Costumes book fast.They are lent out, first come first serve. You must pick them up and drop them off in Hartford, CT. For more information, contact Jane Slupecki at 860-713-2588, or email Jane at
Thank you to all of the schools, organizations, farmers' markets and agribusinesses that used the costumes the past year. We hope to hear from more of you next season!
Costume photos are here at this link: Costume pictures