DOAG: How Can I Lease Space?

How Can I Lease Space?

A question often asked is how can one lease space at the Regional Market.  The answer is very simple since leasing policies are outlined in the General Statutes of Connecticut and Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies. There are different types of leases that are entered into with the Connecticut Marketing Authority.

Stall Space, Buildings A, B and C - Section 22-64-25, The Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies states "It is the intent of the Connecticut Marketing Authority to lease vacated stalls to new applicants and existing tenants in order to accommodate the interests of both established market tenants for expansion with those of outside businesses in need of new marketing opportunities and facilities."  Interested parties can fill out a confidential space request form, which will be placed on file, for available stall space.

Office Space, Building A No office space is presently available.  Various size offices are reasonably priced (per square foot) with heat, 24 hour security and plenty of free parking.
Land Lease - Section 22-64 of the General Statutes, "the Marketing Authority may lease the land or markets under the control of the authority."  The authority can enter into a land lease with a lessor that builds a facility at the Regional Market.  At present there is one tenant with this type of lease.

Farmer's Market Stall Rental - There are 128 farmers/jobbers that rent the 144 stalls in the Farmer's Market. Contact the CMA office by phone or letter for the Farmer's Market Rules and Regulations Booklet, the Fee Schedule and/or to have your name placed on a waiting list for an available stall.

The Regional Market is a one-stop shopping experience for the entire family.  It is also flexible with a variety of lease or rental options, within the guidelines of the General Statutes, making it attractive for start up companies or businesses that are looking to relocate.

The largest perishable food distribution facility between New York and Boston, a security and maintenance staff, open 24 hours a day, noted for its cleanliness and snow removal, located in the center of the state next to I-84, I-91 Exit 27, and Rtes. 5 & 15 are just some of the reasons you should consider the Regional Market for your firm's present and future needs.  For further information, please call (860) 527-5047