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Bureau of Aquaculture & Laboratory Services
David H. Carey, Director
P.O. Box 97 | 190 Rogers Avenue | Milford, CT  06460
Phone (203) 874-0696 | Fax: (203) 783-9976
Administrative Assistant - (203) 874-0696 x113
Lori Scianna

Shellfish Laboratory - (203) 874-0696  x125 
Joseph A. DeCrescenzo, Microbiologist II 
Inke Sunila, Fish Pathologist
Heidi McBriarty, Microbiologist I
Shellfish Sanitation Program -  (203) 874-0696
Eastern Region: Shannon Kelly, Environmental Analyst II,  x118
                      David Lamoureux Jr., Environmental Analyst II,  x111

Western Region: Kristin Frank, Environmental Analyst II,  x112 
                       Alissa Dragan, Environmental Analyst II,  x119
                       Jenifer Yeadon, Environmental Analyst I,  x121
Boat Operations
Thomas M. Barrell, Captain
Glen Charland, Research Ship Engineer

What is Aquaculture?

Aquaculture is the cultivation of aquatic plants and animals. In Connecticut aquaculture operations include a diverse range of operations such as growing shellfish on underwater leases in Long Island Sound and raising fish in inland freshwater tank farms.  According to the World Wildlife Fund, aquaculture is the fastest growing food production system in the world.

The Bureau of Aquaculture is responsible for ensuring that Connecticut shellfish is a safe and wholesome product.

The Bureau of Aquaculture is responsible for: