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Feral Cat Grant Program

The Connecticut Department of Agriculture first introduced in fiscal year 2007, a new grant program to provide up to $40,000 in vaccination/sterilization benefits for feral cats.  The inception of this program was due largely to the success of the agency’s Animal Population Control Program (APCP), which would be administering the program.  This would be a first for Connecticut and believed to be a first in the country from a state agency for feral cats.  Legislation initially passed in 2004, stated that the Commissioner of Agriculture may set aside up to $40,000 dollars each fiscal year for the purpose of providing assistance to non-profit groups for the sterilization and vaccination of feral cats.  The agency defines a feral cat as being wild by nature and has not been domesticated. 


After the inception year, FY 2008 saw another $40,000 allocated and 500 vouchers issued to eleven (11) non-profit organizations to achieve the same objectives for feral cats.  However, in 2007 P.A. No. 07-105; titled An Act Concerning the Expansion of the Animal Population Control Program, became law and was scheduled to be implemented in July 2008.  Part of the new legislation dedicates up to 10% of APCP income to vaccinate and sterilize feral cats (70% of the program’s income comes from a dog license surcharge).  


The APCP will be accepting applications up to the deadline date of July 31st, 2013. To receive an application, please contact the APCP office at (860) 713-2507, Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm or use the link below to download one:


  2015 Feral Cat Grant Program Cover Letter and Application