DMV: Parking Permits for Individuals with a Permanent Disability

Parking Permits for Individuals with a Permanent Disability

SERVICE UPDATE:  As DMV transitions to a new, online-only appointment system for road tests, DMV will stop taking road test appointments on October 21 and October 23, and will resume October 24 with its new convenient online system.  See more information here

The Department of Motor Vehicles issues permanent parking permits for individuals that have a qualifying disability.

The Department of Motor Vehicles no longer issues lifetime disability parking permits.

To apply for a permanent parking permit:

  • Return the completed application to the DMV for processing by one of the following methods:

    • Mail:              Department of Motor Vehicles
                          Handicapped Unit
                          60 State Street
                          Wethersfield, CT  06161
    • Fax:              860- 263-5556
    • E-mail: 
    • In person, at any DMV Office.
Upon receipt, the DMV will process the application and provide one permit per qualified applicant.
What will it cost:
  • There is no fee for the permanent parking permit.

Please Note:

  • The permit is for the exclusive use of the diabled person.

  • A permanent parking permit gives an individual permission to park in spaces reserved for individuals with a disability.

  • It may be used in any vehicle in which the disabled person is riding in

  • The permit is designed to hang from the rearview mirror when the vehicle is parked, but should be removed when the vehicle is being operated.

  • The permit must be returned if you move out of state or if the disabled individual is deceased.

Organizations: Permits may also be issued to a facility or an agency for vehicles they use primarily to transport people with qualifying disabilities. A Special Permit Application and Impairment Certificate (form B-225) must be completed by the head of the facility or agency, and indicate the vehicle will be used at least 50 percent of the time for transporting eligible clients.

Note: Permanent parking permits will expire in accordance with your Connecticut driverís license or identification card depending on the type of license you have. If you do not have a Connecticut driverís license or identification card, you must obtain one before you can obtain or renew a permanent parking permit. 

If you lose your permit or it is stolen, you must apply for a replacement permit.

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