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Some forms you can mail to the DMV, others you must bring with you to a DMV office. We are in the process of building the list below. If the form you need is either not listed or unable to be downloaded from the site, please e-mail us and we will mail you the form.  If you want to access a form that can be downloaded, you must use the software called Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print them.  To get a free copy of the software, click "Get Acrobat".

Forms to Download
(fill out online and print)

Form Number   

Form Name

B91 Distinguishing Number Application for Municipal Plates (PDF 187K)
B122 Marine Dealers Application  (PDF 191K)
B229 Commercial Fishing Affidavit  (PDF 11K)
B319 Bond for Driver Training School (PDF)
B303 Air Bag Certification Statement  (PDF)
B330 Flashing White Headlamp Permit (PDF)
D47 Registration Issuance Bond (PDF)
E140 Automobile Club Association Bond (PDF)
E211 Transporters Registration Application (PDF)
E215 Form for Flashing Light/Siren Permits (PDF 199K)
E229 Application and License for Motor Vehicle Leasing Companies (PDF)
H30 Affidavit of Repossession of a Vehicle (PDF 256K) -
H100 Notice of Intent to Sell
H100A Artificer's Lien Form
H108 Stolen Vehicle Report (PDF 206K) (Police Departments Only)
H109 Municipality Report of an Abandoned Vehicle (PDF 23K)
H110 Abandoned Motor Vehicle Sale Notification (PDF)
H114 Notice of Motor Vehicle Tow
H116 Vehicle Statement of Value (Completed by Dealers and Repairers) (PDF 68K)
IRP5 Application for Replacement Credentials (PDF 193K)
IRP26 Individual Mileage Record for Commercial Vehicles (PDF 204K)
IRP29 Individual Vehicle Mileage Record  (PDF 227K)
K6 Request for Additional Marker Plates (PDF 198K)
K8 Dealers and Repairers License Inspection Application (PDF 2,481K)
K9 Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Annual License Renewal Application (PDF 34K)
K9A Requirements for Certification of Conformity with State and Federal Statutes (PDF)
K9B Certification of Conformity with State and Federal Statutes (PDF)
K11 Rates Chart for Wrecker, Towing, Road Services (PDF 260K)
K13 Lost or Stolen Dealer or Repairer Plates (PDF)
K26 Listing of Personnel in a Dealers and Repairers Business (PDF 204K)
K35 Complaint Pertaining to Motor Vehicles Sales or Service (PDF 161K)
K36 Procedures to Obtain a Connecticut Motor Vehicle Dealer's or Repairer's License (PDF)
K69 How to Apply for a Motor Vehicles Manufacturers License (PDF 28K)
K70 Procedures for Obtaining a Connecticut Motor Vehicle Junk Yard License (PDF)
K88 Motor Vehicles Storage Rates Posting for Dealers and Repairers (PDF 17K)
K89 Application to Store Motor Vehicles, the Storage Rates and Requirements (PDF 198K)
K91 Application for Junk Yard License (PDF 24K)
K93 Drawings and Certificates Information for Obtaining a Dealers or Repairers License (PDF 188K)
K106 Application to Register as a Snowmobile Dealer (PDF 20K)

Surety Bond (PDF)

K159 Inspection Ticker Log Sheet for Dealers (PDF 249K) 
K164 Marine Dealer Trailer Registration Application (PDF)
K174 Received Junk Vehicles Report
K179 Dealer Authorization to Sign for Registration of a Motor Vehicle (PDF 190K) 
K186 Salvage Vehicle Repair Report  (PDF 285K)
K196 Manufacturer Termination of Franchise Notification (PDF)
K197 Replacement Parts Statement (PDF)
K198 Certificate of Business Status and Agent for Service (PDF)
L4 Taxpayer's Application for Change of Motor Vehicle Assessment (PDF 35K)
L5 Municipalities - Assessment Correction Notice (194K)
LS5 Request for Permission to Conduct Special Activities on DMV Premises (PDF 204K)
MCS-150CT Motor Carrier Identification Report (PDF 412K)
Q20 Use Tax Exemption on Motor Vehicles or Vessels Sold to or by Businesses (PDF 57K)
R7A Driver's Education - Application for Instructor's License (PDF 207K)
R94 Driver's Education - Application for Driving School License (PDF 207K)
R100 Driving Schools - Application for Amended Rate Schedule (PDF 194K)
R230 Certification for Driver Training Instructor - 45-hour Behind the Wheel Course (PDF 205K)
R234 Track Racing - Complaint Form (PDF 193K)
R280 Driving School Instructor - Training Schedule (PDF 200K)
R289 Vehicle Leasing Companies - Site Listing and Compliance Certificate (PDF 199K)
R290 Commercial Motor Vehicle Registration Information Request (PDF 200K)
R359 Application for School Bus Driver Instructor (PDF)
R360 School Bus/STV Driver Training Certificate (PDF)
R361 Licensed Dealer/Repairer Inspector's Report for a Public Service Vehicle (PDF)
R390 Annual Report of Appointment of School Bus Safety Coordinator (PDF)
R391 Application for Recertification of School Bus Driver Training Instructor (PDF)
R394 Application for New Master Instructor (PDF)
Y10 School Bus Transportation - Pupil Transportation Vehicle Report (PDF 3,416K)
Y11A Instructions for Completing Pupil Transportation Vehicle Report (PDF 186K)

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