DMV: Documents Required for Registration of a Boat

 Documents Required for Registration of a Boat

Holiday Schedule:  On Friday, July 1, DMV offices will close at 12:30 p.m. for the Independence Day holiday.  Offices will reopen on Tuesday, July 5, at 7:45 a.m.

Renewing Boat Registrations

Find a list of frequently asked questions and answers here.

Prior to registering your boat, please read DMV's notice to all vessel owners.  Read the notice here.

New Boat Registrations

Federal law requires a hull number on all boats manufactured 1973 or later. The hull number must be given on the application.  If the boat has a "CT" number, (previous Connecticut registration), that number stays with the boat and must be entered on the application.

To register your boat, you may visit your local Department of Motor Vehicles branch office.

Below listed are the documents required for the registration of a boat.  However, please be sure to read each scenario so that you will have all the proper documentation based upon where the boat was purchased. 

A. Application for Vessel Registration and Certificate of Number or Decal (form B-148)  (Download, fill out online and print this form.)

B. Bill of Sale (form H-31).

C. Proof of payment of Sales and Use Tax:

Boats Purchased from a Dealer

  • A "paid in full" Bill of Sale (form H-31) must be submitted showing amount paid and amount of sales tax collected by the dealer.
  • If purchased from  an out-of-state dealer, a credit of the sales tax paid is allowed. The total sales tax must equal the 6.35 percent Connecticut Sales Tax, and a receipt must be shown.

Boats Purchased from an Individual

  • A Bill of Sale (form H-31) signed by the seller must be submitted showing amount paid.  At the time of registration a 6.35 percent Connecticut sales tax will need to be paid. If the seller is not the last registered owner, each Bill of Sale (form H-31) must be submitted for each ownership transfer back to the last registered owner.
  • A completed Application for Vessel Registration and Certificate of Number or Decal (form B-148). (Download, fill out online and print this form.) 
  • A letter of explanation if the boat was never registered, as well as a completed Ownership Affidavit (form B-203).

Certificate of Decal

You do not have to be a Connecticut resident to register your vessel in Connecticut. If the vessel is being used in Connecticut waters for more than 60 days, you must apply for a certificate of decal.
For additional information on boating including operator certification, safety, launches and other more, please visit the Boating section of the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection website.

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