DMV: IID - Penalties for Program Violations

Ignition Interlock Device Program
Additional Penalties and Violations



The IID vendor will submit electronic notification to DMV if any of the violations listed below are indicated on your calibration report. The duration of your IID requirement will be extended by thirty (30) days for each violation reported to DMV, under Connecticut regulation 14-227a-12a.

1. Failing to appear for IID service within five days of your scheduled service date
2. Failing a rolling retest
3. Failing to submit to a rolling retest

4. Failing a startup test with a BAC of 0.05 or higher
5. Tampering with OR attempting to tamper with the IID

6. Circumventing OR attempting to circumvent the IID
7. Operating a vehicle without the required IID
8. Removing the IID without proof of written authorization from DMV
9. Requesting or soliciting another person to blow into or otherwise activate the device for the purpose of providing the restricted driver with an operable motor vehicle

If any violation reflected above is reported to DMV, a letter will be mailed detailing the reported violation(s) and the extension of your IID requirement. You may contest the reported violation(s) by submitting a letter by mail and/or e-mail.  Please provide your name, date of birth, the violation date(s) and an explanation of the events that occurred with all correspondence.

All supporting documentation submitted must include a copy of the calibration report. After a review has been conducted by the Driver Services Division, a letter will be mailed indicating all applicable changes.

Mailing Address

Department of Motor Vehicle
Driver Services Division

60 State Street

Wethersfield, CT.  06161-1013

E-mail Address  

If your license is suspended while you are participating in the IID program, you will not be given credit towards completion of the IID requirement during the term of the suspension. 

For individuals on probation supervision, all violations also will be reported to the Court Support Services Division of the Judicial Branch (Probation Department), including all instances of being unable to start your car due to having an alcohol level above the threshold.

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