DMV: Suspension For Unpaid Ticket Received Out-of-State

Suspension For Unresolved Ticket
Issued Outside Connecticut


If you are issued a ticket outside Connecticut and you fail to answer by the due date or you miss a court date or other court deadline, the court will request Connecticut DMV to suspend your driving privilege. A notice of suspension will be mailed to the address of record. To avoid suspension, you must reopen your case with the court no later than the day prior to the date of suspension and submit a copy of the court receipt to the Driver Services Division.
You must contact the out-of-state court indicated on or with your suspension notice to resolve the ticket and obtain your court receipt or other document issued by the court that indicates you have responded to the ticket.
Submit a copy of the court receipt to:
State of Connecticut
Department of Motor Vehicles
Driver Services Division
60 State Street
Wethersfield, CT 06161-1013
If the date of your court receipt is before the effective date of suspension, the suspension will be rescinded.
If the date of your court receipt is on or after the effective date of suspension,  you must also pay a $175.00 restoration fee. Submit a $175.00 check or money order payable to "DMV" with the copy of your court receipt.
Alternately, you may also pay the $175.00 online and submit the copy of the court receipt separately.
Please clearly print your name, current address and date of birth on all documents. Normal processing time is 10 business days from the date the Driver Services Division receives your correspondence.
Please note: You are not permitted to drive a motor vehicle until your driving privilege is restored and you have a valid driver license or learner permit in your possession.
After you are reinstated, a restoration notice will be mailed to you.


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