DMV: Military - Special Interest Plates

Military and Veteran Style Plates
Holiday Schedule: On Friday, February 10, DMV offices will close at 12:30 p.m. to observe the President Lincoln Birthday holiday, and will reopen on Tuesday, February 14, at 7:45 a.m.  
There are a number of different types of military and veteran style plates available for Connecticut residents.  Please feel free to checkout the different logo designs and link to the image to find out more details.
{Disabled American Veteran}
{First Company Governor}

First Company
Governor's Foot Guard
{First Company Governor}

First Company
Governor's Horse Guard
{Flag Style Veteran Plate}
{Gold Star Family License Plate}
{Greater Hartford Chapter of 82nd Airborne}
{Iwo Jima Survivor}
{Korean War Veterans Association Plate}

Korean War
Veterans Association Inc.
{Laos Veterans of America}

{Marine Corps. League Inc.}

Marine Corps.
League Inc.
{Military order of Purple Heart}

Military Order
of the Purple Heart
{National Guard Association of Connecticut (Active)}

National Guard Assoc.
of Connecticut (Active)
{Retired National Guard Association of Connecticut}

National Guard Assoc.
of Connecticut (Retired)
{Pearl Harbor 1941}

Pearl Harbor

{Second Compnay Governor}

Second Company
Governor's Foot Guard
{U.S. Submarine Veteran}

U.S. Submarine
{Veteran Motorcycle Plate}

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