DMV: Register Your Vehicle

Register Your Vehicle
To register your passenger vehicle with new license plates, or transfer your current Connecticut license plates to another vehicle, please follow the instructions below.
For other vehicle types, see additional instructions for:  All-Terrain Vehicles, Combination Registrations, Commercial Vehicles, Camp Trailers, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Watercraft.
Please visit a DMV Hub or Limited Service Office with the following documents and fees:
If the vehicle was not previously registered in your name or was recently purchased, you must also:
NOTE: Vehicles cannot be registered if delinquent property tax or parking tickets are owed in Connecticut, or if the registrant has had their registration privilege suspended in Connecticut.

How to obtain a registration if you cannot be present at a DMV office:

Any individual requesting a new registration transaction at the DMV is required to be present at the branch office to process their transaction.  If two owners are named on the registration appplication (form H-13) either party may be present to process the registration. A copy of identification for all registrants' listed on the application is required.

If they cannot be present:

  • An original Power of Attorney (POA) must be presented by the authorized agent of the individual seeking registration. Either a general Power of Attorney form or the DMV’s Special Power of Attorney form (form A-83) tailored to motor vehicle title and registration transactions may be used for their purpose.
  • The person/agent presenting the Power of Attorney must present their own acceptable form of identification (see list here); and 
  • The person/agent presenting the Power of Attorney must provide acceptable forms of identification (see list here) for the owner(s) listed on the registration appplication (form H-13).
See additional information on these special situations:


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