DMV: Elimination of Registration Stickers

{Elimination of Registration Stickers}


Beginning August 1, 2010, vehicle owners in Connecticut can peel off that front window registration sticker as part of customer-service improvements the Department of Motor Vehicles is making in the vehicle registration system. 


Vehicle owners in Connecticut will be able to legally drive without stickers and people either renewing or applying for a new registration will only receive the official paper registration, which still must be carried in the vehicle at all times. Customers can learn more about the change through a special DMV web page:


As a customer service, this change will benefit vehicle owners statewide by cutting down on steps needed to properly register their vehicles. Connecticut in 1903 was among the first states in the nation to require a vehicle to be registered, in 1911 started change plate colors annually to coincide with yearly vehicle registration renewals and in 1937 began using annually on license plates a different colored metal insert, which is the predecessor of the affixed sticker, for signifying a properly registered vehicle.  


Major technological changes now make stickers unnecessary because registration enforcement can be done through computer checks. For instance, DMV provides law enforcement with electronic information allowing police officers to check the validity of a marker plate from a patrol car. DMV has also worked with law enforcement to set up marker-plate readers in some departments around the state. These readers capture an image of a plate from a camera on the patrol car. Up-to-date registration information from the DMV goes to law enforcement to use with these readers. 


DMV expects eliminating the stickers will save about $400,000 per year, which is an important savings during a time when the state faces a multi-billion-dollar deficit. In addition, DMV also plans a second registration improvement that is expected to save an additional $400,000 yearly, bringing the total savings to about $800,000 annually for this project.


The second change is eliminating the mailing to customers with their renewed registration certificate. Instead they will receive their registration certificate as a tear-off part of the registration application, which is mailed to them 60 days prior to its due date. 


Vehicle owners will be instructed to keep the registration certificate in the vehicle after they mail a check to the DMV or complete our online renewal. The validity of their registration can be checked through the updated law-enforcement computer information systems.


As part of its customer service, DMV will also provide a look-up online to determine the validity of the registration. It will let customers know whether their registration payments were processed and registrations renewed. It may take up to 10 days for your information to be updated on this website. If you are unable to verify your information after 10 days, you may contact our Phone Center.


The agency plans a public awareness campaign through press releases, an insert in renewals to explain the change, information in law enforcement bulletins, lists of frequently asked questions on the DMV website, a newly designed general purpose envelope that highlights the change, the change will be advertised on an electronic bulletin board in DMV offices and through a video that will be shown on its web site. 

The expiration sticker is being eliminated on all vehicles, including trailers and motorcycles. You may remove your valid or expired registration sticker from your vehicle on or after August 1, 2010. Stickers for boats will continue to be issued.


Police officers and other law enforcement officials were notified of this change.  The look-up system used by law enforcement will reflect that no registration sticker is required on Connecticut vehicles. 


It is important that you keep your current registration certificate in your vehicle at all times.  The registration certificates issued after August 1, 2010, will say “Connecticut no Longer Requires Registration Stickers.” Registration certificates issued prior to August 1, 2010, will not have this message, but require no additional action until they are up for renewal.

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