DMV: Corporation, Incorporated Business or Limited Liability Company

Corporation, Incorporated Business
or Limited Liability Company


You must contact the DMV Phone Center to have your Secretary of State number on file before processing any online transactions at (860) 263-5700

In addition to the title, bill of sale and insurance requirements, the following documents are also required for the registration of a vehicle in the name of a corporation, incorporated business or limited liability company (LLC):

  1. Verification that the company has filed Articles of Organization with the Secretary of the State (SOS) office showing the manager/member's home and business address. Verification (printout) from the SOS website or a receipted copy of the Articles of Organization are acceptable. Verification may also be in the form of a copy of Income Tax filing (IRS Form 1099). The company name on the registration must be the same as filed with the SOS or appears on the IRS 1099 Form.

  2. A driverís license or non-driver identification card, issued by any state, of the manager/member of the LLC as listed with the SOS or IRS 1099, which must be the person signing the Application for Registration and Title (form H-13B).  If an out of state address is listed the applicant will be required to show the appropriate out of state license.
In addition:
A power of attorney (POA) is required if the person signing the registration application is not the manager/member.  The driverís license or non-driver identification card of the POA will also be required.

Individuals who present documentation to register a vehicle for another person or business are required to show identification.

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