DMV: Flashing Light Permits

Flashing Light Permits


Certain emergency or maintenance vehicles may be allowed to display lights other than those provided as standard on motor vehicles. These flashing lights are for the purpose of alerting other motorists of an emergency or maintenance situation. The display of these flashing lights on such emergency or maintenance vehicles requires a written permit from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

What to do:
  • Complete Flashing Lights and Siren Permit (form E-215).
  • Submit form with a $20 fee per permit.
  • Please mail the form and fee to:

Department of Motor Vehicles

60 State Street

Wethersfield, CT 06161

Attention Flashing Light Unit- Room 305


Permits are not processed at any of the other DMV branch offices. Please call the Flashing Light Unit at (860) 263-5150 with any questions.


Frequently Asked Questions


What Vehicles are exempt from Flashing Light permits?
  • Ambulances (with original lighting equipment only)
  • Fire apparatus
  • Government vehicles with government plates (Federal, State, or Municipal)
  • Wreckers with wrecker plates
  • Escort vehicles with out-of-state registration and DOT permits
What is the fee for a Flashing Light permit?

A fee of $20 is charged at time of application for each permit, and the annual renewal fee for each permit is $20.00. Flashing Light permits are not prorated.


What are the different colors combinations of Flashing Light permits?

  • Amber
  • Red/Siren
  • Red and White Light Combination/Siren
  • Red (no siren, stationary use only)
  • White/Siren
  • White headlamp/Amber Light Combination

What types of Flashing Light permits are not issued by DMV?

  • Blue Light
  • Green Light
  • White Headlamp

What are the Annual Blue & Green light lists?


Fire chiefs must provide an annual list (form R-114) of all members that they have authorized with a Blue Light permit (R-115). CEO’s of ambulance companies must provide an annual list (R-190) of all members that they have authorized with a Green Light permit (R-189).

DMV mails out the blank permit certifications in January to be completed. In March, DMV may send out a reminder to those departments that have not returned their completed lists. There is no current statute that requires an annual list of members that have received a Flashing White Headlamp permit (B-330).


What is an Amber Light Blanket permit?


This is for a company with ten or more vehicles. To apply, the company must send a list, along with a check, to the address listed below. The list must include the year, make, VIN number and marker number for all vehicles requiring the permit. The fee is calculated by multiplying the number of vehicles by $20.  Please note that although the agency keeps the information on file, the actual permits do not show specific vehicle information.


Where are the Flashing Light permits processed?


Application are processed by mail in the Flashing Light Unit of the Wethersfield DMV.


Although we do accept "drop-offs," the application will not be processed while you wait.


When do Flashing Light Permits expire?


Flasing Light Permits can expire on 5 different dates throughout the year; January 31, March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31.  Most Flashing Light Permits have a fixed expiration dates. Below are expiration months:


  • CEO and Asst tp CEO Amb. CO               January 31
  • All Amber Light Permits                          June 30
  • Fire Chiefs, Asst. Fire Chiefs                   June 30
  • Fire Marshals, Fire Police                        June 30
  • Directors of emergency Mgmnt                Sept 30
  • First Responders/Paramedic vehicles        varies dates


How do I renew my Flashing Light Permit?

  • Permits expire annually
  • Invitations to renew are mailed to customers about two months prior to expiration.
  • Any changes to vehicle information should have a photocopy of new vehicle’s registration.
  • Any changes to the purpose must have a new application and new authorized signature.

How do I change the vehicle on a Flashing Light Permit?

  • Send a completed form for Flashing Light/Siren Permits (E-215), the old permit, and a photocopy of the registration for the new vehicle to:

Department of Motor Vehicles

60 State Street

     Wethersfield, CT 06161

Attention Flashing Light Unit- Room 305

  • There is no fee for this transaction
  • An authorized signature is not required when changing vehicle information.

What if my permit is lost?


A replacement for a lost permit requires the completion of the Flashing Lights/Siren Permit (E-215) and payment of $20.


How do I establish a new Fire Company?


DMV requires a letter on fire company letterhead. The letter must include the name and address of the company as well as confirmation that the new company is valid within the municipality. It must be signed by he mayor/ first selectman of the municipality.


Where can I obtain more information on the Connecticut Statues Pertaining to Flashing light permits?


Sec 14-80f - Mechanical Equipment (sirens)
Sec 14-96p - Color of Lights.  Flashing or revolving lights.  Authorized use of blue or green   lights.
Sec 14-96q - Special restrictions on lamps.  Flashing Lights.
Sec 14-283 - Rights of Emergency Vehicles.

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