DMV: Golf Carts

Golf Carts




The DMV does not register golf carts.


Effective with the passage of Public Act 09-187, the traffic authority of a city, town or borough may decide to allow the operation of golf carts on roadways within its jurisdiction that have speed limits of 25 mph or below. 


You must check with the traffic authority of the city, town or borough to determine: (1) whether that town permits the operation of golf carts; (2) where in the town they may be operated; and (3) what the town requires prior to permitting their operation.  


Jurisdictions in which golf carts may be operated may still be in the process of establishing standards and guidelines for this purpose.


Minimum requirements for operation will be:

  • The operator of any golf cart shall carry his or her valid Connecticut motor vehicle operator's license while operating such golf cart.
  • Operation is limited to daylight hours only.
  • Each golf cart shall be equipped with an operable horn.
  • Each golf cart shall be equipped with a flag that is positioned to assist operators of motor vehicles in observing the location and operation of such golf cart.
  • No authorization shall be granted for operation on any street or highway where the posted speed limit is more than twenty-five miles per hour.
  • Any person who operates a golf cart in violation of these requirements, or the violation of any insurance requirement, or any other conditions or limitations established by the local traffic authority shall have committed an infraction.

Please check with your local traffic authority for the proper authorization to operate a golf cart.

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